Style Saturday: rose gold biker jacket lust

Ever have one of those moments where you see something and you know you just HAVE to have it? Oh, sure, it’s going to cost you – rent isn’t that important anyway, right? – but you know in your heart of hearts that it must be yours.

That’s how I’m feeling about this Korai Olympia Biker Jacket. I have a thing for motorcycle jackets anyway, and I have a platinum looking one that I wear constantly. But rose gold? Shut up and take my money.

The collection isn’t for sale quite yet – spring lines will most likely launch after the holidays. But when it does, watch out. I’ll have some holiday gift money to spend.

Smoky Eye Friday: greens with a small cat eye flick

If you haven’t had a chance to try Mally Beauty’s products, please stop what you are doing and go find something you think you would love. Her products never disappoint me, and that’s high praise. I’m picky about eyeshadow.

This is the Mally Beauty Citychick Smokey Eye Kit in Central Park. It’s a concealer, a light shimmery taupe, a shimmery mid-tone green, and a dark matte-ish forest green. An eyeliner comes with the kit, but it’s not pictured here.

After covering my entire eye area with the concealer (it’s not bad, really, for a concealer in a kit), I started with the taupe, applying it all over the eye with my Royal & Langnickel Silk Pro Angle Brush. I took my MAKE UP FOR EVER 228 Medium Precision Shader Brush
(I adore this brush – it’s great when you’re using bright shades) and patted on the mid-tone green. The brush is kind of pointed, so it makes it easy to get to the corners of the eyes. Then the darkest forest green was smudged on with my Royal and Langnickel Silk Pro Smudger in a half moon shape from the outer corner of the upper lash line, in a half moon shape into the corner of my brow bone.

Then it was time to blend, and then blend again. I feel very strongly about blending – you do not want a line of demarcation on your lids. BLEND IT. Layer on more color if you need to, but keep on blending.

The gorgeous eyeliner is NARS Eye Paint in Snake Eyes, applied to the upper lash line only with an anonymous bent liner brush. This eye liner/Eye Paint is exceptional, and if you are a gel or cream eyeliner lover, you should have tons of these in your stash. Snake Eyes is almost black with green […]

What you don’t know about biotin

Everyone seems to know that supplementing with biotin brings more growth to nails and hair. But what you didn’t know is that this supplement has a dreaded side effect for some people:

acne breakouts.

Biotin is also called B-7 or even Vitamin H in some circles. It is important because it creates fatty acids that help keep skin and hair healthy as well as forming a protective barrier and insulate skin. The recommended amount for a healthy adult is 30 mcg (micrograms). It is readily available in foods such as egg yolks, liver, yeast, salmon, avocado, nuts, legumes, cauliflower, and whole grain breads and cereals.

But many of us take a biotin supplement to encourage hair and nail growth, and some of us almost immediately break out into acne. I personally broke out on my chest and back, as well as my face.

Here is the deal: there doesn’t seem to be much science behind the acne/biotin connection, but the theory goes something along these lines: biotin supplements give your body far too much of this vitamin. It only seems to work when you are already working with a deficiency of this vitamin.

Some say the secret to avoiding acne when supplementing with biotin is to drink large amounts of water, since biotin is a water-soluble vitamin. While it sounds like a good idea, there really isn’t any science behind it.

So, if you want to get more biotin, try supplementing with natural foods. Because life is too short to deal with biotin acne and breakouts.

Natalie Dormer in NARS at Mockingjay premiere

Matthew VanLeeuwen for NARS Cosmetics created this gorgeous look with a gold, Rochas gown for inspiration.
“Natalie wore this gorgeous, gold, Rochas gown that had an old Hollywood movie star feel, so she wanted her look to be clean yet glamorous. To achieve that we went for a matte, red-stained lip and added a touch of drama with a plum, smoky eye.”
The key products he used were:

All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation (New for Spring 2015; for now try NARS Sheer Matte Foundation)
NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow Shade in Phoebe
NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, Dragon Girl

Top Ten Tuesdays: hair masks

When you have dry, coarse, kind of curly, but mostly frizzy hair like me, you have spent a crazy amount of time and money trying to find that one deep conditioning hair mask that is going to make your hair soft, silky, and straight. But no matter how I try, I never find that magic potion. I have, however, found a number of hair masks that I really do love. These 10 rotate through my roster of hair masks, but it is the top three that I especially love.

Honor Haircare Dry Solution Moisturizing Mask: regardless of the performance of this mask, the smell alone makes it worth it. Luckily, it works as well as it smells, due to it’s main ingredients of shea butter and safflower oil. DIVINE.
Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask: a super effective hair mask on the cheap. For about $7, olive, meadow foam seed, and almond oils nurture hair and make it feel soft and healthy.
damage reverse Restorative Hair Treatment Plus: I’ve been a huge fan of Ojon since 2007, when I discovered the line at Sephora. This heavy-duty mask definitely beats down my frizz and smells heavenly (have you figured out I’m really big on smells? It’s true.).
Moroccanoil Hair Smoothing Mask: this is another one of those cult products that really works. Moroccanoil is one of my favorite lines, and their Smoothing products are perfect for my hair. Reduces frizz, makes hair softer.
Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment: Jennifer Aniston’s company makes my hair happy. This mask seems to really help with breakage more than anything, or perhaps that’s just the one thing that really stands out. Either way, it’s awesome.
Roux Color Refresh Mask: so important for those of us who color our hair. Not only does it make hair soft, it deposits just enough […]