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Everyone’s talking about the Maybelline Color Elixor

Maybelline has been coming up with some killer stuff lately. I have a little extra love in my heart, because Maybelline was my favorite when I was growing up and purchasing 80’s colored makeup in my local Revco/Eckerds/Rite Aid. But their Master Glaze was awesome, and if you haven’t tried their gel eyeliner (which they released several years ago), then you are missing out on some high quality gel liner.

But I’m all distracted. We are here to talk about lip gloss. Unfortunately, I’m not a big lip gloss person. I can’t seem to remember to reapply throughout the day, so it ultimately ends up looking as if I just never put anything on my lips that day. So there is my disclaimer before I start talking about the Color Elixor.

I like it. It’s a really nice gloss, and it’s nicely pigmented. It bothers me when I buy a gloss that I have meticulously picked out based on color, and I get it home and it looks as if I might as well just used Vaseline that day. But MAC introduced me to glosses that actually have a bit of pigment, and now everyone is picking up on the trend.

So this is Maybelline’s version of the gloss with pigment. If you like lip glosses with some light pigment that has slightly-better-than-average coverage, then you will like this. Even the bottle is pretty.

Maybelline is available at most mass-market retailers and

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Everyone’s talking about the Maybelline Color Elixor

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