Real Techniques Pointed Crease and hooded eyes

You know, I would have written about the Real Techniques Pointed Crease, but I was busy using it every single day. No kidding – every day that I’ve worn makeup, I’ve used this brush.

I have hooded eyes. If you’re not familiar with hooded eyes, it’s essentially skin that covers the eyelid crease and makes applying a shadow look a million times more difficult.

Just kidding. Kind of.

One of the most striking looks for hooded eyes is the cut-crease. This is where you blend your dark contour shadow not only into the crease, but slightly above it, adding a much lighter shadow to your lids and brow bone to really set it off. But it’s a tricky technique – it’s hard to get it even, and to blend it well without looking washed out. One of the few things that can actually really help is a very good brush. And I’ve tried just about every brush that someone has recommended to me as an excellent crease brush.

Many crease brushes are long and soft, and I love them but not for my crease. I love them to blend out my entire shadow look (because everyone should be blending, right? RIGHT?) Using the Real Techniques Pointed Crease (201) has changed everything.

It’s a short brush, pointed and stiff. What makes it work so well is both the point and the stiffness. You can get right down into that crease, and work it out with solid color that can be blended into softness afterwards. The brush picks up enough shadow to where you aren’t going over and over the same spot, because that can make your cut crease lines uneven and wonky. The stiffness actually made it easier for me to blend out, but I have a deep crease that requires a bit of work.

The brush itself is super cool looking too. It’s part of the new Bold Metals collection, which is a super luxe looking set in all different kinds of metals. This one happens to be silver, and it stands out in my brush cup on my vanity. All of the brushes have pointed bristles that are so, so soft and I’d like all the finishing brushes in Rose Gold, plsthx.

So if you’re working on your cut crease, check out the Real Techniques Pointed Crease. It’s a whopping $16, so you might need to take out a second mortgage.

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