Detangle it with Not Your Mother’s

My daughter has exceptionally long hair. I think it might be past her waist by now, but if it isn’t, it’s really close. This is not my choice -I would prefer her to have a shorter, layered cut, but if I want it, it must be a horrid idea, because I’m Mom.

So, every wash night, I have a head full of thick, tangled hair I have to comb through. It’s a 30 minute process, at the very least – more if she hadn’t been good about putting her hair up at night. I usually try and put it in a braid, but if you have any tangles at all, you know that’s a nightmare.

Johnson’s No More Tangles just wasn’t cutting it anymore (goodbye, old friend – you sustained us for years), so while browsing recently, I ordered Not Your Mother’s Knotty to Nice Detangler, hoping for the best. I wasn’t disappointed. This sprayed on easily and made brushing through so much easier. It helped ease some of the pulling, which always causes tears, and did a great job smoothing some rough areas that had been in a big knot.

I really love the formula, it does it’s job well, and the price just can’t be beat. And $5.99 is a small price to pay to avoid the anger and frustration that long, thick, knotted hair always brings.

New Audacious Lipstick from NARS

I might as well just get rid of all my lipsticks. I’m serious. The new Audacious Lipstick Collection from NARS is pretty amazing. Created to celebrate NARS’ 20th anniversary, it goes on so incredibly smooth, no tugging at all (and we all know how I feel about tugging – it’s a huge nope) and the pigment? Incredible. The only thing it lacks is a long-wearing formula, but who doesn’t secretly love touching up their lips with a stylish black-cased lipstick?

This is a one-stroke formula – it’s so deeply pigmented that you won’t need to layer or build it up at all. And each lipstick bullet is stamped NARS for an even more luxurious look and feel.

The collection houses 40 shades, including:

Claudia – cool pink
Michiyo – shocking pink
Greta – wild azalea
Angela – pink orchid
Janet – deep magenta (swatches)
Fanny – rich berry
Vera – bright raspberry
Charlotte – oxblood burgandy
Audrey – red currant
Anna – smoky rose
Catherine – sunny guava
Juliette – pink coral
Natalie – flamingo
Grace – bright pink coral
Geraldine – tangerine
Lana – vivid orange red
Annabella – poppy red (swatched)
Rita – scarlet
Marlene – red brick
Olivia – garnet
Anita – antique rose
Jane – terracotta rose
Brigitte – nude rose
Barbara – tan rose
Raquel – pink beige
Leslie – cherrywood
Jeanne – cherry red
Deborah – chestnut
Bette – bordeaux
Liv – deep aubergine

There are also shades that are exclusive to Barneys New York:

Julie – nude pink
Marisa – warm pink
Kelly – coral hibiscus
Carmen – geranium
Dominique – pink lilac
Silvia – radiant orchid
Vivien – red plum
Sandra – rosewood
Ingrid – merlot

Retailing at $32, these will be available August 15 at NARS boutiques, and Barneys New York. Available September 1 at Sephora,, and department and speciality stores.

DIY Wednesday: body wash

Yes, you can do this, I promise. It’s super simple, and even if you don’t cook you can do this.

Part of the fun of DIY is getting to take something basic and add your own spin on it, and this is one of my favorite things to put my spin on – body wash. The things you can add are endless, and you can totally customize it for your skin, your favorite scents, anything you like. Even the color, if you wish. Here is how you get started:

Take one bar of soap, any kind you like, and grate half of it with a cheese grater. Any kind of soap will do, but some of my favorites are a beauty bar of some sort (drugstore brand unscented ones are great for this), or a natural type soap (the pure Ivory bars are also good), a glycerine bar if you want a more translucent gentle formula, or another favorite of mine, castile. Set the other half of the bar aside for a different day.
Put your soap flakes in a small pot and add 2 cups of water. Set on medium-high heat (I usually put mine on 5). Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally.
When your soap is at a low rolling boil, turn your heat off. Here is where you add your extra ingredients. My favorites are: coconut oil, scent (essential oils or fragrance oils that are safe for cosmetic use), physical additives (oatmeal is great for calming irritated summer skin), aloe vera (another summer must have here at the beach), or really anything you can think of. The possibilities are endless. I usually add about 1-2 tablespoons of extra oils/additives. For scents and color, you’ll have to play with that to find your right balance.
Stir well and set aside for about […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Makeup Brushes

Do you have a lot of makeup brushes? I seem to have tons and tons of them, so picking out 10 of my favorites was kind of hard. Ironically, so many of them do the same thing (it’s all about the crease, apparently) that I realized that I might actually be some sort of hoarder.


But let’s get on with the list!

tarte kabuki brush: this was a limited edition brush that came with a matching makeup bag. Kabukis are great for applying bronzer, especially if you’re doing the whole face. The regular bamboo kabuki is exactly the same thing, it just doesn’t have the fabric on it.
Royal & Langnickel Silk Pro Foundation brush: this brush has the softest bristles in the free word. Perfect for applying foundation with precision.
Royal & Langnickel Silk Pro Angle Fluff: I use this for just about everything on my eyes. Lid color, brow bone, and sometimes my crease, although only in a pinch.
Royal & Langnicked Medium Eye Shader: can you tell I love my Royal & Langnickel brushes? They were originally brushes designed for artists -I believe they still sell art brushes. Anyway, this is my workhorse for eyes.
Sephora Pro Domed Crease Brush: I think this came in the original Sephora Smoky Eyes Kit, but I’m not sure. These stiffer bristles make it easy to smudge out shadow in the crease and on the lash line.
Lancome Double Sided Smudger and Liner brush: I don’t remember when I bought this brush, but I am so glad I did. Perfect for travel, it’s a multi-tasker, with a bent precision brush for lining (works great with gel or cream liner) and a small smudged on the other end. Because the smudged has softer bristles than my regular smudger, I usually use this for concealer.
Make Up For Ever Sponge […]

Mani Monday: NYC and Matte

Tomorrow I’m leaving for NYC. This is the first time that I’m not working, and I’m taking my kids, so it will be awful tourist stuff the whole time. I’m excited to see the city from the perspective of my two teens. They are pretty savvy and well traveled, but they’ve never been to the Big Apple.

But when I go to New York, I like to wear blue on my nails. I have no idea why, but that’s my ritual, for some reason. So I pulled out all my blues and decided that I wanted to do a nice matte with a gloss on my tips.

I had picked up Nailene’s Perfect Tips, curved stickers that help you get a clean French manicure. I’m not down with traditional French manicures because for some reason I associate it with strippers. I think I’ve been watching too much reality TV, but it’s set in my mind like a rock, and I can’t get past it.

Application was actually pretty easy – the hardest part was making sure the curve of the sticker matched the curve of your nail. I put them all on at once then polished – there isn’t any way I would have been able to put them on when I had wet tips. The only thing was that they left lines on my nails – kind of like indentations. I know my polish was super dry when I did it, so I’m not sure what that’s all about.

The matte blue is by Knockout, and I don’t have a shade for you. The only shade they have up on their website right now is black, so I hope they are still going strong. I have two blues, a red, and a top coat, all matte (or flatte, as they call it). […]