16 tips to fight frizzy hair

It’s the worst. I have hair that isn’t actually curly and isn’t anywhere near straight. Just a messy bunch of kinda-waves and a whole lot of frizz.

I’ve been fighting the frizz for years, and I’ve picked up a few tips along the way from stylists and beauty writers, and I’m hoping that you will find them useful in the never-ending frizz battle we engage in every day.

Shampoo less often so that natural oils aren’t cleansed away. I typically wash twice a week, although in the summer it might trend towards three. Either way I try to minimize the shampooing if I can, and use a dry shampoo like TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo.
Choose a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. They have ingredients that coat the hair, helping to keep frizz away. I’ve been using Cibu’s Spring Roll Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner.
Deep condition every time you shampoo to coat the hair with moisture and prevent dry frizz. I am in love with the Honor Haircare Mask because it conditions beautifully and smells like heaven.
After conditioning, rise the hair with cool water. Cooling the cuticle helps to keep it closed. Just remember, heat opens the cuticle, coolness closes it up. When your cuticle is open, it’s more prone to frizz.
Dry hair with a microfiber towel or turban because regular towels roughs up the cuticle, preventing it from laying flat. Some swear by a t-shirt. I’ve been using the DevaCurl Deva Towel and it’s very helpful.
Squeeze the water out of the hair. Rubbing roughs up the cuticle even more. If you squeeze and twist, make sure you aren’t creating any breakage.
Use a heat shield spray to prevent damage to the hair strand. The Pantene Pro-V Stylers Heat Protection Spray works really well and won’t break the bank.
Consider a high-quality blow dryer. Ionic dryers help to compress the […]

8-in-1 Mineral Shimmers from that kiosk

You know the kiosk I’m talking about, right? It’s the one in the middle of your shopping mall, probably fairly close to the center. In my shopping mall it’s right near Sephora, which is amusing to me for some reason. It’s the kiosk where someone is always interrupting your conversation with “can I ask you a question?” We all have those kiosks, right? This is the story of that one time when I let Bella Terra ask me a question.

Normally I avoid these kiosks like the plague. Whatever they are selling isn’t worth the astronomical price (seriously, those flat irons are not worth $200), and I don’t like their hard sell techniques. But it’s makeup, and I really just can’t avoid anything that is makeup. It’s just not in my genes.

So I stop by, thinking that the brand, Bella Terra, is just another overpriced product that needs a hard sell to move. And then I started testing the colors on my hands. They are actually kind of amazing – so pigmented, and easy to work with. Best of all, you can use them to make other products. Hence the 8-in-1 name, obviously.

I bought three jars that I really liked. The two browns I use as straight pigment and liner. Super easy to work with, pigmented as all get out, and the fallout isn’t as bad as some pigments I’ve worked with. The fuchsia color I mix with a base like a clear lip gloss or even a petroleum jelly to get a nice colorful balm. The more the pigment that you add, the brighter and more colorful it will be.

Here are the eight products the company says you can make:

Creamy Shadow – moisten the brush to create richer, more intense eye color that doesn’t crease.
Matte Shadow – mix the […]

Urban Decay drops some gorgeousness

Urban Decay, one of my favorite brands, has four new sets out, and I want every single one of them. Let’s just dive right in, shall we?
20 new shades, organized in columns: neutrals on the left, jewel tones in the middle, and smoky shades on the right, to communicate the color story. All the shades feature their Pigment Infusion System™, the proprietary blend of ingredients that gives every shade its velvety texture, rich color, serious staying power and blendability. The case is super slim, featuring new abstract artwork. Here are the new shades:

TRUTH – pale pink-nude matte
DRAGON – bright metallic green shimmer
VANITY – smoky metallic eggplant with multidimensional micro-glitter
ALIEN – pink-peach with golden shift
LAST SIN – champagne shimmer with silver micro-glitter
UNDONE – pink-beige matte-satin with subtle floating tonal pearl
FREEZE – metallic medium blue with multidimensional micro-glitter
LUCKY – metallic bronze
ALCHEMY – deep fuchsia satin
ANGEL – light taupe with silver micro-glitter
DOWNFALL – warm light brown matte
HEROINE – deep navy blue with subtle floating tonal pearl
REIGN – rich brown satin
BONDAGE – deep, smoky burgundy shimmer
DEFY – smoky taupe satin
DTF – taupe matte with subtle floating pearl
BROKEDOWN – metallic golden brown shimmer with gold micro-glitter
BOBBY DAZZLE – metallic white with pale gold micro-glitter
SONIC – metallic red-copper
REVOLVER – soft black satin with subtle floating iridescent pearl

Don’t they all sound amazing? Every palette includes a Vice3 bag as well as a shadow and crease brush. Retail price is $60.

Ten 24/7 Eye Pencil  Set
Have you ever skipped purchasing a product because you know that you wouldn’t be able to use it up before it went bad? (You are keeping up with your expiration dates, aren’t you?) The Ten 24/7 Eye Pencil Set solves that problem by giving you one regular size pencil and nine travel sizes, so you can experiment with all the colors. There are ten […]

Mani Monday: Ankle Biter by LAQA & Co

Are you feeling fall yet? I’m starting to feel it here in the mid-Atlantic. We are starting to have some cool days interspersed with our typical hot/humid deal that we have going on, and it’s lovely. I always look forward to the drier, cooler weather. So it’s around this time that I start really breaking out my fall colors.

This piece of gorgeousness comes from New York-based LAQA & Co. Not only are the colors gorgeous, but there are works of art on the packaging itself. So you have the art of the polish, and art on the package. Here I have Ankle Biter on, and the package has the work of Luke Forshaw called Painted Skull. Be sure to read the background behind the art on their page.

And the color is so, so pretty. Slides on like a dream, and is best described as a rose gold. And I love some rose gold – it’s really trendy right now in accessories, so this will fit right in this fall.

Shop LAQA & Co for this shade and many others. Single polishes retail for $13.00. Shipping is free with a $50 order.

Makeup Wars: favorite fall lipsticks

I always enjoy digging through my stash to rediscover lipsticks that I had totally forgotten I had. When I do wear lipstick, I tend to always wear the same one for a few months, then change to another and wear that one for a few months. I forget that I have an extremely large lipstick collection and I should be wearing a new one every day.

After going through all the photos from Fashion Week last season I noticed that the majority were using either reds, berries, or browns on the lips. Red really never goes out of style, and berry colors are always flattering, but the browns are fairly new. I have to say, all the brown reminds me of the popular makeup in the 90s, when we all wore brown everything. It’s fun when a trend comes back around again.

I’ve broken my favorite lipsticks into those three categories, and labeled each. I hope you can find some inspiration for the darker lips we are going to see this season.
The Reds

Chanel Rouge Coco in Paris
Estée Lauder Double Wear Lipstick in 10 Stay
NYX Lipsmacking Fun Colorsq in Chaos
CoverGirl Lip Perfection in Hot Passion
Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense in 45
Avon Color RichHigh Impact Lipstick in Charged Cherry
NARS Audacious Lipstick in Annabella
Armour Lip Gloss in Barracuda
Lancôme Color Fever Gloss in Mercury Rising

The Berries

MAC The Stylistics Lipstick in The Scene (limited edition)
Urban Decay in Gash (old packaging)
Estée Lauder in Extravagant Berry
Urban Decay Lipstick in Manic (new packaging)
Real Colors Gloss Stick in N.Y.C.
Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick in Rich Raisin
Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar in Black Metal Dahila
Beauty Addicts gloss in Black Cherry
NYC Extended Wear Lipgloss in Femme Fatale
Monster SuperShine Lipgloss in Vixen (no longer available)

The Browns

MAC Amplified Creme in Tribalist
Votre Vu French Kiss in Claire
Urban Decay in Apocalypse (old packaging)
MAC Mattene Lipstick […]