6 CC creams you need to know

I have been on a huge CC cream kick lately, and I’ll explain the reason to you soon in another post (there really is a reason!), but I’ve looked and looked and found six of them that I actually liked and seemed to do more than mix a tiny bit of pigment in with some sunscreen and call it a CC cream.

I’m kind of picky, can you tell?

Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin CC Cream: That’s a long one, right? But if you’re pretty concerned about chemicals on your skin, you will appreciate this under-$15 cream that has 70% organic ingredients. That’s all fantastic, but I liked how it felt on my skin. Some of these can come off thick and goopy, thanks the sunscreen, but this one was super light and easy to blend. The “C” comes from organic lemon, an antioxidant that helps brighten dull skin.

Physicians Formula Super CC+ Color Correction + Care Cream SPF 30: This Physicians Formula is actually a bit different. Instead of focusing on natural ingredients, this cream combines pigments to color correct your skin such as yellow for blue skin imperfections and warming the skin tone; green for toning down redness; and pink illuminates and brightens. Make no mistake – these pigments work to get your skin tone right on the mark. And the under-$20 price is just a bonus. Besides color correction, the formula works on “imperfections, discoloration and visible signs of aging. Visibly corrects: age spots, dark circles, blemishes, dullness, redness, dark shadows, discoloration, fine lines, wrinkles and signs of fatigue,” according to the company.

Revlon Age Defying CC Cream Color Corrector: I’m a huge fan of Revlon. They just don’t get enough love, in my opinion, and this is one of those products that keep me coming back. This […]

Special Edition Makeup Wars: the Too Faced Cat Eye Palette

Not only do I love Too Faced’s palettes, but we all know I love me a good cat eye. And I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this Cat Eye palette to see if it lives up to the reputation that the other palettes have set.

I did one look for y’all today, the “Daytime” look. I’d say that this is a traditional cat eye with a twist, and it’s super cute once you master it.

A few things you are going to need:

a nice fluffy brush for applying the base color and blending in the crease
an angled brush for working with wet shadow as a liner
precision point q-tips with eye makeup remover for mistakes
a Makeup Guard Card to help you with straight and even lines
a brush with stiff bristles to help you with smudging


Let’s get it going!

Prime your lids and do your brows. Here I used Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Brightening Eye Perfector because I love it. On my brows I used my go-to product, tarte’s the brow architect.
Apply Meow (the base color – each of them are labeled in the palette) from your lash line all the way up to the brow.
Smudge Jungle Love onto your lower lash line and extend outwards. I also did some smudging here.
Using your angled eyeliner brush wet and create your cat eye flip on your top lash line with Jungle Love. Make sure you get your brush fairly wet. I used some makeup setting spray on my brush – works like a charm.
Above your first, dark cat eye line, add another with Pussy Cat and extend it as far outward as your darker line. This is where your Makeup Guard Card would really come in handy.
Blend Tiger’s Eye into the crease for a contour.
Add two coats of http://bit.ly/U72spB.

Overall, I loved it. If you are […]

Clover Canyon and Stila at Miami Swim Week

I think I could spend some time lounging around a pool in Miami and looking at pretty bathing suits. But instead, I’m here in Virginia, watching from afar. But I always keep my eye on the beauty looks, and while they often look simplistic during Swim Week, every now and again one catches my eye. This look was created for Clover Canyon by Stila.

Sarah Lucero, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Global Artistic Director for Stila Cosmetics created this look with a focus on a pop of color on the lips and warm tones on the face. Here is how she did it:


Face:  Light concealer and Stay All Day 10-In-1 HD Illuminating Beauty Balm if needed
Cheeks:  Custom blend of Gladiola Convertible Color + Peony Convertible Color depending on skin tone and tan level
Lips:  A blend of Avery and Valentina Color Balm Lipsticks pressed into the lips for a soft punch color
Eyes:  Light dusting of the Jezebel Eyeshadow, curled lashes and applied Stila’s NEW! MILE HIGH LASHES MASCARA
Brows:  Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color and Tinted Brow Gel

Spa Day: The Flowering Almond Spa in Virginia Beach

Thanks to a very generous gift from Neutrogena, I was able to visit the Flowering Almond Spa here in Virginia Beach, located in the Founders Inn.

Walking in, there is a spacious  lounge with products and a modern bench. This was a good thing, as I had to wait some time for the receptionist to get me to the back. Apparently it was an important phone call.

In the locker room, you had your standard half size lockers, a robe, and those ugly plastic slide shoes (which are necessary, of course – you can’t be running  around with bare feet). It was nice and quiet, and after I was undressed and all locked up, I walked to the secondary waiting area where there were chairs, chaise lounges, and drinks, including spa water, coffee, and tea. I would learn later that the coffee and tea maker was broken, so you could have some spa water.

I was escorted into my room fairly quickly, and was able to choose which oils I wanted out of the three they offer for an aromatherapy massage. The massage itself was wonderful, but unfortunately my therapist wanted to talk when I wanted to completely zone out.

Afterwards, when I returned to the locker room, there were kids everywhere getting ready for what I assume was some pool time. So the pool is connected to the day spa. I quickly dressed and headed to the sink to wash up. There were little to no amenities in terms of personal care, which was kind of a bummer. But I smelled great and was completely moisturized up thanks to the massage oils.

Overall it wasn’t a bad experience, the facility was nice, the room wasn’t too small and everything was very clean.

80 minute aromatherapy massage was $120. Download the spa menu for more […]

Makeup Wars: Favorite Skin Savers

Skin savers – everyone has their go-to products that keep their skin in line. While I have different picks for face and body, today I’ll just talk about everything that keeps my 40+ skin on my face in peak shape.

I am a huge fan of Mario Badescu. HUGE. I’ve been to their spa (and want to go back every time I’m in New York City), and when I faithfully use my products, my skin looks the best it’s ever been. So I can’t say enough good things about this reasonably priced line, other than if you can’t find at least one holy grail product in their collection, you might not be looking hard enough.

On to the skin savers!

Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum: I discovered this not too long ago. This, when used after exfoliation especially, gives my face an unbelievable, almost youthful, glow. The results are instantaneous and amazing.
Mario Badescu Drying Mask: have complicated skin? I know I do. I go between full on acne and mild breakouts, but when I keep my Mario Badescu regimen going, I have neither. This is a big part of that. Spread this muddy-looking mask on and go chill for 20 or 30 minutes. Helps clear up any imperfections you have going on. Super serious about clearing a pimple before the next day? Dot some on the blemish and go to bed. You’ll see a huge improvement by the morning (one of my special secrets, so don’t go telling the whole world).
Mario Badescu Drying Lotion: the grand-daddy of acne products – I remember my mom using this in the 70′s, I think. This calamine lotion and salicylic acid combo knocks out any breakouts you have. Works best as an overnight treatment, but you can use it all day long if you wipe the pink […]