If you’re a longtime reader, you’re familiar with my constant battle against frizz. It’s honestly the biggest beauty concern I have. I have a strange head of hair – coarse and curly but not a defined, pretty curl. More of a messy, curl-any-which-way and bust-out-into-frizz-at-the-first-opportunity kind of curl. It is a true combination of my Native American heritage combined with that one white lady in my line who had curly, auburn Irish hair. Otherwise known as my paternal grandmother. Everyone else in my family (besides her) has beautiful black, glossy, thick, non-frizzy hair that I have spent my whole life jealous of. Up until she passed on, my mother had the most beautiful hair that never changed in it’s consistency or texture. Thick and smooth, and when it was long absolutely glorious. My father has the exact same hair. Life isn’t fair. My natural color is weird and my curl is crazy. And above all, I have TOO MUCH FRIZZ.

So I’m always on the lookout for something to tame the wild beast that is on my head. Even when it’s blown out it has a tendency to frizz, especially if there is a drop of humidity in the air. When I let it air dry (ugh) I have the same chances of it ending up a curly mess. So I have to depend on products to get me through life with minimum frizz.

I recently discovered the Reshma hair oils line which are infused with henna extract, and they are pretty darn wonderful. The henna is nothing that you have to worry about – it doesn’t affect your color in any way, as there isn’t enough of it in there to make that kind of difference. It requires a lot of henna to color your hair, if you’ve never tried it. I’d recommend it though, if you have virgin hair, because it’s really quite pretty.

ANYWAY. I’m prone to tangents today, apparently. These different Reshma hair oils have stood up against my frizz and actually won the battle. They really shine when I let my hair air dry – it adds shine when other products have just failed at that. You do have to be careful not to use too much – I made that mistake and ended up with almost a greasy thing going on. If you do, use some dry shampoo liberally and make an exception to your shampoo rule and do it sooner. It will drive you crazy until you shampoo it out.

So just use a few drops. I know, I know. You frizzy haired girls are like, “girl, please. I can’t just use a few drops of anything.” But you can. What I do is put a few drops, about four, into my hand, bend over at the waist, and let my hair hang down, then put my hands on either sides, and work the oil in by a light kind of “rubbing” motion. It goes a long way, so you should be able to get a nice light coat on your strands with this technique. Go back over trouble spots (this would be the nape of my neck and along the sides of my face), and you’re good. Blow dry or air dry as usual.

And while you’re applying the Reshma hair oils, be sure to enjoy the scent. I can’t put my finger on what it is, exactly, but it smells like a combination of jasmine and gardenia. Or maybe tiare. Some sort of white floral for sure. It’s truly lovely, but I’m into tropical white florals in the warmer weather.

There are three Reshma Hair Oils: Normal Oil, Dry and Damaged Oil, and Thinning Hair Oil. Here is the breakdown of bennies on each one:

  • Normal Oil: Made from Cinnamon oil, olive oil, almond oil, henna extract and clove oil. Cinnamon oil is to prevent hair breakage, olive oil is ultra-moisturizing, almond oil has been associated with hair growth for ages, and it’s great for breakage issues, henna extract is rich in proteins already in the hair shaft, and clove oil is for fullness and volume.
  • Dry and Damaged Oil (my personal favorite): made from natural jojoba oil, cedar wood oil, tea tree oil, henna extract and clove oil. Jojoba is an emollient (creates smoothness) and moisturizing oil that has been used in hair products for literally ever, cedar wood oil stimulates the scalp which helps with growth, tea tree is well known for it’s purification abilities – here it’s helping the scalp and preventing dandruff.
  • Thinning Hair Oil: made from natural basil oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, henna extract and cedar wood oil. It’s the basil oil that shines through on this one – it’s used to rejuvenate hair follicles and encourage growth.

All of the oils are meant to be a treatment for the scalp, too. So not only does it give great anti-frizz benefits, it’s also a fantastic scalp treatment. To really get the best out of these, I like to work in a good sized amount into my scalp before shampooing. I like to let it sit at least 15 minutes, but I’ve been known to let it work overnight and shampoo in the morning. That is my absolute favorite way to use hair oils as a treatment. The results are pretty fantastic – give it a try sometime.

Reshma hair oils are available at Amazon.com and SallyBeauty.com.


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