Halloween is my favorite holiday. It doesn’t take itself too serious, you get to have tons of fun with makeup, and who doesn’t love being someone/something else for a hot sec? Plus the decorations. They are just MUCH more fun than any of the other holidays. My collection of Halloween lights are far exceeding my winter holiday lights. And no one looks at you weird for buying black candles!

But one thing that isn’t much fun is trying to decide what in the heck you’re going to put on your body for that Halloween party your friend is throwing. Competition is fierce – there are always clever ideas. Ricky’s NYC (my GO TO beauty supply store in NYC) is here to help us out with this  year’s Halloween trends.

The biggest trend we’ve been seeing in the past few years is a movement away from the
“pre-made” Halloween costumes that are corny, scary or cliché. Women and men want to look great, they want the bodies they have worked hard on to be seen and not hidden away in a baggy premade costume. They want to be seen as original and adopt a persona for the night, and they don’t want to see other people in ‘their’ costume.

Overall, Halloween is taken its cues from beauty and fashion more than ever. This Halloween you’ll see more people opting to create something, by piecing it together themselves, using makeup and accessories to achieve a costume along with their own clothes and shoes. Ricky’s NYC stores and website will be a one stop shop for all of the accessories, makeup and wigs you need to complete your persona. Richard Parrott, President of Ricky’s NYC (I’ve met him, he’s more than fabulous, and super knowledgeable about current trends.)

So this year, let’s just call it the “Scary Hot Mess.”

Halloween trends that are ripped from the headlines


Let’s just get the really scary stuff out of the way first, shall we? Just kidding. Kind of.

It’s always great fun to dress up like someone that everyone is talking about, and these Halloween trends are ripped right from the headlines. Ben & the Nanny would be great for a couple, and throw in Jennifer if you’re going as a threesome. Bill Cosby is just frightening, but good for scaring the heck out of some chicks, as my husband pointed out. Trump is always good for a laugh – because crazy hair. And Hillary’s pantsuits could inspire their own blog. Just look how much fun SNL has with her.

Halloween trends: musicians

Music always gives us good trends to mine. Taylor Swift and her vengeful lady crew is great for a crowd of ladies going en masse to a Halloween party. Nicki Minaj simply for her makeup and hair alone. And Sia. That hair. That is all.

Halloween trends based on movies

And the movies. So much to choose from here. Star Wars is the current freak-out movie, as I like to call it, with lots and lots of hype. Choose from any number of awesome characters here. Post-apocalyptic Mad Max can be easily re-created from what you have in your closet that can be ripped up and accented with leather (why is leather so popular in the post-civilization world? I need to stock up). I’m no fan, but if you do 50 Shades of Gray, make it fun, like this dude:

50 Shades of Paint

Jem & the Holograms is straight out of my 80’s childhood, so those of us who remember the old school Jem could really have some fun with that one. I’m not very familiar with Harley Quinn, but if you can rock a costume like that, then you’d better be doing it ASAP. And Clueless continues to be a source of inspiration for those of us who learned “as IF!” from that flick.

Halloween Trends based on TV characters

And of course, there is always TV to inspire you. If you want to be flat out scary, watch a few episodes of American Horror Story. Seriously terrifying, if that’s your thing. Orange is the New Black is awesome for a group of ladyfriends, and if someone has some scrubs, you’re all set. If you need a fancier costume, Game of Thrones is excellent inspiration. I have a thing for capes, so if I could actually find a cape, I’d probably wear it through Halloween and beyond. Feeling preppy? Scream Queens can inspire your fuzzy sweater obsession.

So there are a few Halloween trends to get that creative part of your brain engaged. Do you prefer scary costumes, or funny ones? Realistic or contrived? I don’t have any Halloween plans this year, other than handing out candy to my new neighbors’ children, so I’ll probably stick with my trusty furry witch hat. Tell me what you have planned so I can live vicariously!

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