I have very mixed feelings about contouring. It usually comes down to how it’s done. I see a lot of overly contoured faces, and they don’t look anywhere near natural. I suppose if that’s the look you’re going for then that’s cool, but it’s not my jam. We aren’t on a runway – we are at Target and you probably need to chill out with the concealers.

But if it’s not obvious or even easy to notice, then you’re probably doing it right. In fact, I shouldn’t even see any contouring if you’re doing it right.

Sometimes it comes down to product. Most of the time it comes down to blending, to be honest, but product can make a huge difference.

A dead-easy product to try would be the NYX Wonder Stick. With a highlighting color on one end and a darker color on the other, it’s super simple to use. I’ve discussed how to contour before, but that is a pretty complicated picture. It’s easier to remember two things:

  1. highlight from forehead down to chin
  2. contour a backwards 3 from upper forehead down to cheekbones, and around to chin

Like so:

Contouring made easy: backwards 3 shape


An illustrator I am not.

Use the NYX Wonder Stick after primer and concealer, but before foundation. That way you’ll get more of a natural air-brushed effect than a harsh color shift on your face.

What makes the NYX Wonder Stick so easy to use is that it totally eliminates your need for color guesswork – this will work for most lighter skin tones – and it is a creamy concealer-like texture that is dead easy to blend out with a makeup sponge. You don’t need any tools to apply it – simply use it like a jumbo crayon on your face.

Then please, if I’ve taught you nothing, remember: you absolutely, positively must blend it out.