I’m having a moment here. As the calendar moves more towards fall, I’m pulling out my darker colors and playing with what I have to see what I’m going to be feeling this autumn. And I’m kind of starting to feel my old 90’s shades – mostly brown, brick, and maybe a little mauve as long as it’s dark.

You’d think that we would have been more colorful then, but we weren’t. Everything in terms of makeup was pretty much brown – I think I might have had some plums for my eyes, but I probably didn’t wear it very often. My theory is that we were all recovering from the ’80s and yellow mascara (what? don’t judge).

These days all those browns are seeing a resurgence of popularity, thanks to all the “nude” shades out there. I’d like to say that it’s hand in hand with the 90’s fashion resurrection, but this fall’s fashion is rather undefinable. The 90’s influence seems to have passed. I’ll be taking a closer look at the styles of this season’s New York Fashion Week.

The Femme Couture Prime Wear Diamond Color in Shimmering Sangria that I’m wearing here is something that I would have been interested in during the 90’s, although the shimmery aspect of it would have probably turned me off. Here in 2015, though, I like some subtle shimmer. And I’m really loving the sheerness of the formula, too. Formulas in the 90’s seemed to run the gamut from thick, opaque to light and sheer, so it’s fitting right in there.

The color is really brilliant with this Prime Wear Diamond Color, though, and the formula lasts much longer than you think it would, given the sheerness and sparkle it delivers. As with most of my Sally Beauty makeup purchases, I’m really happy with it.

And the Femme Couture Prime Wear Diamond Color was only $7.19 with my Sally Beauty card. Yeah. That’s what’s up.

Do you buy much makeup at Sally Beauty? What have your experiences been like? Talk to me in the comments or on Twitter!

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