I can’t stop using this mascara, and I don’t know why.

I have plenty of favorites, and I have them all at hand, so it’s not laziness. It’s the combination of the brush and the formula in Maybelline’s Lash Sensation mascara, and together they make a great noticeable mascara without being completely obvious about it.

The brush is one of the new “comb” type brushes, with a small comb-like side and a more brush-like side. It’s made out of silicone or plastic, which can be great about depositing product, although you can run into clumping problems. This type of brush is great also for tight lining, where you get your brush as far down on your lashes as possible in order to get that elusive upper inner lash line to make your mascara pop even more.

The formula in the Lash Sensation mascara is great too – inky black (a requirement for me) that noticeably thickens lashes. I don’t pay much attention to lengthening formulas, as my lashes are long, but thin. I need something that is going to plump those babies up and make them stand out. No wallflower lashes for me.

I wouldn’t put it up in holy grail status, but this is a fun mascara that is easy on the wallet and a great product if you can master the comb/brush wand that comes with it. It’s worth the learning curve, I promise.


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