It’s been a hot minute since you’ve heard from me, I know. But we finally made it to Dallas from Virginia Beach – it wasn’t smooth, but it’s done. So far I’m loving my new hometown, but I’m a little overwhelmed by it all. SO. Now you know why there has been radio silence over here. But I’m back, and I have so much to talk about! Makeup Show updates, new products, etc. etc. So I’m getting into the swing of things again.

For this Makeup Wars, we’re talking about blogger influenced purchases. Honestly, I think every purchase I make beauty-wise is blogger influenced – my friends write about some awesome things! But I’m lucky enough to count two very awesome bloggers as super close personal friends, so they know me and always make great recommendations.

First up is Older Girl Beauty. We were at The Makeup Show Dallas two weeks ago (has it been that long? I’ve completely lost track of time and space), and she was aghast that I had never tried a cleansing water. Well, being of oily skin, I never thought that would ever be a possibility – I’m rather addicted to exfoliation – but I trusted her divine wisdom on this matter. She introduced me to Bioderma at the Beautylish booth, specifically the Bioderma Sébium H2O.

Amazing. I never thought a cleansing water would actually cleanse my skin – but this not only cleanses it, but helps minimize oil production. I woke up in the morning with more matte skin, just by quickly swiping my face with a saturated cotton pad. Because I was lazy and didn’t want to wash my face. Now I barely wash my face in the morning – just a quick touch of this, and it keeps my oil from over running my makeup every day.

But before The Makeup Show Dallas, and right before I moved, I was lucky enough to spend some time with Gouldylox at the drug store. Because her drug stores were so much better than mine, and when you need writing inspiration, a quick trip to the drugstore will solve your writer’s block.

I was looking for bright teal eyeliners. I have a thing for blue and teal in the summer – my signature summer look is blue eyeliner paired with shimmery neutrals (I’ll be talking more about this later – I found my new favorite neutral eyeshadow palette). She held up a Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick in Blamed Blue, and I was sold. So glad I bought it, too – it is an amazing shade. The only downside is that when I took the cap off the first time, the point of the pencil came off too.

As you can see in the terrible photo, I picked it up and molded back into shape. The reason it was so soft was because it’s incredibly pigmented. The shade is probably more blue than teal, but it has a very subtle micro glitter in it, sort of a gold shift. This is great for smudging out, and I also used it as an upper lid eyeliner with a soft black/dark gray eyeliner on the bottom so it wouldn’t be quite so drastic.

Have you ever been influenced by a blogger to purchase something? Did you end up loving it?

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