I love a good complexion brush, because I’m addicted to exfoliation. I know I’ve said it before here, and here, but that was a long time ago. Some things never change, though, because I am always looking for a new way to get things done. I find that switching it up actually helps your skin look better overall.

So this is Foreo Luna. It’s an odd shaped thing, blue for combination skin, pink for sensitive/normal skin, and white for ultra-sensitive skin. I need all the sonics and all the bristles, so I had to have the blue. But don’t let the odd shape throw you off – it’s actually very, very handy.

It gets into your nasolabial fold (the area between your nose and your face – mine is always full of congestion) like nobody’s business. That right there is the most amazing thing about the Foreo Luna. It’s seriously awesome. I’ve never had another tool that could get in there so well, and I’ve definitely noticed a difference.

I actually keep mine in the shower, and when I’m ready to use it, I apply my gel cleanser to my entire face, close my eyes, and touch the button to turn it on and get scrubbing. This is the speed you will want for cleansing. At first you’ll think you need a lot of pressure (or maybe that’s just me, totally possible), but you really don’t. That little thing is stronger than you think it is – up to 8,000 transdermal sonic pulsations are channeled through the Foreo Luna‘s silicone bristles.

It also has this magic to direct lower-frequency pulsations through a series of concentric ridges directly onto wrinkle prone areas to help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Now, I haven’t spent much time on this, as I don’t have too many fine lines (someone knock wood – it can’t last much longer, I’m already 42!), but trust that I’m going to be spending a little more time on that.

It’s called the Anti-Aging mode, and after you are done cleansing tap the center button again to slow it down, turn the Foreo Luna around to the back, where the ridges are. Press those against your wrinkle prone spots – temples, between the brows, and the area that wrinkles between the sides of your nose down to the corner of your mouth and anywhere else you have lines – for about 12 seconds each. I don’t know if it works well, but it feels really good and kind of makes me slow down.

You can use it every morning and evening if you like, or you can use it as much as you’re comfortable. It will still work fine if you aren’t scrubbing your face fifty times a day. Use it when you have the time.

Of course I love the Foreo Luna, because I love exfoliation and all the tools and tricks that go with it. If you’re an exfoliation lover, or are just interested in a complexion brush-thing with real anti-aging benefits, then this just might be for you.