Do you go through phases where you’re just kind of hooked on one specific kind of product? I’m currently in a lip liner slump, and I’ve been out searching for the best nude lip liners.

Obviously, the first place I went was the drugstore, because I’m pretty sure that’s where I was when I had the ephiphany that since I was working on my lipstick game (i.e. actually wearing some occasionally), I needed to get into lip liners, specifically nude lip liners, since I’m also obsessed with finding the perfect nude. Stand by for a post on that particular topic.

I found two nude lip liners that I had to have:

Nude Lipliners from Milani and Rimmel


The dark shade on the top is Milani’s Easyliner Mechanical Lipliner in Cocomo. It’s a little bit too dark to be a nude for me, but that’s okay, because it’s 1990’s style wonderful. Dead simple to use, you can form the tip to be as thin or as thick as you want it by adjusting your pressure each time you use it. Blends great, looks, great, great price. Love it.

Beneath that is Rimmel’s Exaggerate Full Color Lip Liner Definer in Epic. This has a super cool angled end to it, which doesn’t need special sharpening, because the tube is built like that. It is, however, subject to breakage. That was pretty much the first thing that happened to me upon my first use. Keep it as low as possible, and use a light hand. It’s surprisingly creamy, unlike so many liners that just look dry. Plus, the nude is lovely. Not too orange, not too blue. Very neutral among the nude lip liners that I’ve seen.

But I also found my favorite lip shade in a liner –¬†and there was no way I was going to pass it up. And it really is so, so pretty:

Milani Color Sensation Lip Liner


The Milani Color Sensation Lip Liner in Haute Pink is easily one of the most pigmented liners I’ve ever come across that isn’t rather dry. It’s the right balance of smoothness with pigment. Seriously, it’s a nice liner for those who are really into their color.

Do you have any favorite nude lip liners? I’m still on the prowl.

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