I’m going through a matte phase right now. No particular reason why, I’m just enjoying the fact that there are so many out there. But most of the people I talk to don’t like the texture, or have trouble applying it, or think it dries their lips out.

All of that is true.

But it’s easy to overcome, and once you get used to it, it’s easy as pie. It can take an extra step or two if you’re not a all-lip-products-on-deck kind of person.

  1. Exfoliate. There are tons of lip scrubs out there, but it’s so easy to DIY. I use brown sugar and argan oil and brush on with my finger. A touch of argan (or any type you prefer) oil on a toothbrush works too. You need a nice, smooth surface for a matte lipstick.
  2. Moisturize. Not with a gloss, but a balm. Something that will hold moisture in. I actually use Carmex – the one in the white pot, not the stick. Not kidding. I haven’t found one that works better.
  3. Conceal. A light coat of concealer – it doesn’t need to be heavy – over the lips will hold your color, which is necessary because matte lipstick can be fleeting. This acts as a primer.
  4. Line. There is no such thing as a matte lip liner, because I think all of them are naturally matte. Line well, and I find filling in the cupids bow area can help with even wear.
  5. Fill. Use a lip brush. for the best application.
  6. Blot. Hold a tissue against your lips and on the outside, brush with a translucent powder on a large,fluffy brush.
  7. Fill again. Don’t cheat – you need to use that lip brush with a matte lipstick, it can be unforgiving.

That’s it. Also, here are a few of my helpful hints:

  • Don’t rub your lips together – matte lipstick isn’t like a shiny formula, and it will ruin your matte finish or cause your lipstick to roll into little balls (ask me how I know).
  • If you get crazy and go outside the lines, take a precision cotton swab and dip it into makeup remover and run along the lip line. I also like to use a nude lip/eye pencil to line the outside of my lips, and that can make a good concealer, too.
  • If you want to add some depth, put a dab of iridescent powder in the middle of your lower lip.
  • To make sure you don’t get lipstick on your teeth, stick your (clean, because gross) index finger into your mouth and pull it out.

My current favorites are L’Oreal Collection Privee in Frieda’s Red; NYX Matte Lipstick in Tea Rose; and Lime Crime Velvetines in Red Velvet (don’t judge me, I bought this before I learned about all the Limecrime drama).

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