It’s a brave new world with foundations. There are so many thinner, brighter, liquid-t0-powder formulas now that it’s getting hard to choose. Up to this point, however, pickings at the drugstore level seem to be rather thin. My past favorite was L’Oreal’s Magic Nude, but Physicians Formula Nude Wear has come along and stolen my heart.

First, I would be negligent if I didn’t mention the adorable packaging. Rose gold bows, faux pink leather, black lace – the Physicians Formula Nude Wear line looks like a set that would look perfect in a boudoir.

Second, the liquid is a cream to powder, like so many of these, they are really easy to use. The Nude Wear foundation blends really well, and you can build on your coverage if you need something to help conceal. The brush that comes with the product is kind of useless, so I wouldn’t spend too much time working with it. If you do choose to use it, try wetting it down so it doesn’t suck up all the product.

The fat pen looking thing is a concealer. Same type of formula, glides on nice and easy. It’s thick – much thicker than conealer pens generally are, and I kind of like it. Definiately adds more coverage to the foundation, should you choose to use it.

The powder, at first glance, seems awfully shimmery. And I’m not a fan of too much shimmer. At a certain age, it just starts to look ridiculous, but a very light touch can look fantastic. This product manaages to find that balance. I don’t see much shimmer up close, but I can tell the light-reflective pigment does it’s job without being flashy and obnoxious.

I would absolutely purchase all of these things again – they are well priced, easy to find, and work amazingly well.