It’s all about contouring still. I think we might be working with this contouring trend until Kim Kardashian and her sculpted face has disappeared into obscurity. Some days I think that might never happen, and I get sadface. But then I go look at the art created by some of my favorite MUA’s and realize it will go, taking just as long as it did to come.

Contouring your face using bronzer and highlighter. You can even use concealer!

Contouring your face doesn’t have to be hard

In the meantime, while I’m not a huge fan, and think it can be done really, really terribly, I’m just going to have to learn how to co-exist with this contouring trend. And one way to get me on board is to make products that de-mystify and simplify the entire process. I don’t want to put much time into it.

But before we get into these things that can help us execute our vision, make sure you understand the basics of contouring, because the rest might make more sense.

Contouring Your Face with NYX Wonder Stick

NYX Wonder Stick for contouring your face swatches

This is dead simple. Honestly, I don’t know if there is a better product out there for conturing specifically, but I really doubt it. Two choices in color: light or dark, and you get a light shade for highlighting on one end of the stick and a dark shade for contouring on the other side of the stick. Then, without the hassle of a brush, you just swipe the color on in the right places. And it’s creamy. so it’s really easy to blend. It’s neither lightly pigmented or darkly pigmented – it’s just the right amount of pigmented so that even a beginner contour-blusher can use it easily.

Contouring Your Face with NARS Olympia Contouring Blush

And this is the powder to the NYX Wonder Stick’s cream. You have two choices on shades, light or dark, and inside each compact is a large pan of bronzer and a small pan of highlighter. These are matte formulas, which honestly, should be the only kind of contoring product you use. Maybe a touch of shimmer with your highlighter, but we are heading into a matte trend, so go lightly. Used best with a contouring blush brush, you apply your bronzer first, highlighter second. And this is also very easy to blend. A kabuki brush does a great job, or a big powder brush, depending on how much blending you need to do. And the quality of NARS speaks for itself, so it’s obviously amazing.

Truly, it gets right down to which you feel most comfortable with. I like them both, and seem to use them interchangeably. the NYX Wonder Stick gets an extra point in their pro column because it’s super easy to travel with, and the NARS Olympia Contouring Blush gets an extra point for providing more of one shade and less of the other, so the use of the palette remains at the same rate, and you won’t be left with a 2-shade pallette that only has one shade in it. That’s the worst.

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