So I was out and about, checking out all the clearance sales at my favorite beauty shops, and came across a new line at Sally Beauty. Although I was familiar with Femme Couture, one of the lines of makeup, I found a sub-line – if that’s the right word – called Moon Glow by Femme Couture. It looked shimmery and full of promise, so I purchased the Morning Glow Shimmer Shadow and the matching Toasted Glow Shimmer Stick. Then, because I was there, and cannot pass up a new mascara, grabbed the False Lash Mascara.

It’s a creamy formula, so it’s pretty easy to work with. The downside is that it’s lacking in pigmentation. If you’re looking for brights or a matte formula, this is not the shadow for you. However, if you want a “no makeup” makeup look, with some lovely shimmer, then this might be exactly what you need. It gives you a glow, certainly. But it isn’t going to add a lot of color. You will have to really work at building it up for pigment. The Shimmer Stick makes a lovely eyeliner, and is actually a bit more pigmented then the shadow, so consider just getting that if you’re a color junkie like me.

Moon Glow by Femme Couture tutorial

  1. Start by priming your eye. This is important with these shimmer shadows, as they will want to settle into creases and fade. I used Lemon Aid by Benefit.
  2. Working with the lighter side of the duo, I applied the pink all over the lid, from the lash line to the brow bone using a large fluffy shader brush. To bring the color out, I applied a second coat using a patting motion with the brush – packing it on, if you will.
  3. Next, I worked on the crescent on the outer part of the eye with the darker shadow. I applied it with a domed shader, starting from my bottom lash line and moving around up over the crease.
  4. While filling in the darker shadow, I realized that I was going to need to spend some time bringing out the color. I worked in about three coats of the darker shade.
  5. As much as I love blending, if you blend this, it will simply fade away. I tried to lightly blend the line of demarkation with my pinky finger with a small measure of success.
  6. I then touched up the lid with the lighter color with another two coats.
  7. I feel like I’m talking about nail polish.
  8. Using the Shimmer Stick, I lined both the upper and lower lash lines, connecting them in the inner corner and blending that out for inner eye highlighting (it did a great job with that).
  9. Lastly, I applied two coats of the Fake Lash mascara, which is a pretty great formula. The brush discourages any kind of clumping and the formula is nice and thick. I wouldn’t put it on par with fake lashes, though.

Overall, I like it. It’s going to be great for days when I’m not interested in looking like I applied a face full of makeup. The formula is creamy and not at all glittery. Not even micro-glitter. It’s just straight up light shimmer that is appropriate even for those of a certain age. Do remember, though, that it’s a cream formula that will settle into wrinkles, fine lines, and creases. Applying a primer and perhaps a light dusting of powder will greatly help.

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