Beauty blending sponges are all the rage, but there has been a lot of confusion around how they are best used. After answering this a few times for various different people, I realized, “hey! this would be a great post!” So, I organized my tips into a friendly list format that should answer most questions, and if I miss a concern, don’t hesitate to drop me a line in the comments and ask. I promise I’ll answer.

How to use beauty blending sponge for makeup application

Retrodiva’s Best Tips for Using a Beauty Blending Sponge

These tips apply to all the sponges out there. They are all essentially the same, but the materials and quality may differ.

  • stipple, don’t rub: wet the sponge throughly and dip rounded end into makeup. Then stipple lightly on skin – an up and down motion rather than a rubbing one
  • roll back and forth on the face as a way to stipple
  • to erase mistakes, use a dry sponge and drag along the skin. the dry sponge acts as an eraser
  • use pointed end to blend in concealer
  • use the rounded end to dip into translucent powder and apply to the skin
  • after wetting the sponge, wrap a towel (paper towel will work just as good) around it to remove excess water
  • some say you need to squeeze it underwater 10 times until it reaches a larger size, although I have never found this to be true
  • you must clean your sponge every time you use it; glycerin-based soaps seem to work well, as do professional products designed for the purpose
  • can also be used for cream blush: add blush to apples of cheeks and blend out. Add more color as needed, blend each layer
    same applies for cream highlighters
  • rumor that the blender is not as effective on water based makeup as it is on oil or silicone based formulas
    use the pointed tip dry to apply powder highlighter to the corners of the eye or to blend in the eye crease

Types of sponges pictured above from left to right:

top row: Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge, $10.49 at Target; Earth Therapeutics, $6 at Kohls; Super Blending Sponge, $4.99 at Ulta

bottom row: 5 pc. sponge set, $16.80 at; Studio 35 Blending Sponge, Walgreens; Double Ended Blending Sponge, $12 at Stila Cosmetics

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