I just might have a slight addiction to hair styling tools. Especially ones with heat. I’m pretty convinced that no matter what our hair texture is, we want it to be something completely different. I have coarse, frizzy hair that curls tightly with a little encouragement, so of course I want flat straight hair that also holds big bouncy curls. I want Victoria’s Secret model curls, but I’m pretty sure those don’t exist in real life. So I collect all the heated hair styling tools that I can find. Curling irons are my favorite, followed quickly by hot rollers (or hot curlers, if you’re vintage). When the Kiss InstaWave showed up, I wasn’t quite sure what it was.

It's super easy to achieve lasting curls with the InstaWave Automatic Curler  by Kiss


It looked like a short stubby styling wand with no clip. With prongs. And it only had two heat settings which made me even more suspicious – usually when I don’t have a wide variety of temperatures, the hot tools won’t get hot enough to coax my hair into holding a curl.

Then I noticed those prongs, which are supposed to catch your hair and send it to the rotating barrel. Immediately I thought this was going to be a bust because every other bristled curler I’ve ever used just creates a nasty, tangled mess, not to mention fried hair from trying to untangle it before it burnt my hair off (luckily, my hair is pretty resistant).

There was a large button on the InstaWave, which rotated the iron to the left and to the right, depending on which side you pressed down on. There is a small black clip – I hesitate to use the word clip, because it doesn’t really hold on to your hair with anything – that you put your hair behind close to your scalp. Once your hair is in position, you push the button in the direction you want the curl to go, and the barrel rotates while the bristles organize your hair into a neat section.

It took once or twice, but I got the hang of it. Not only did I get the hang of it, but it was actually rather easy. The best part? The InstaWave didn’t tangle my hair at all. And if my hair got caught somehow (most likely due to user error), ¬†you simply pushed the other side of the button to rotate the barrel in the opposite direction, which unwrapped the hair from the barrel.

It really was pretty genius.

I use the InstaWave like a regular curling iron – I section my hair into two big sections. All the hair from my temples upward makes up the top section, and the hair beneath is it’s own section. I start on the right side (no idea why) and bottom part (to keep it more organized) and curl away from my face, with the curls meeting in the middle, so to speak. It’s not a new technique – in the 80’s we feathered our hair away from our face, and attempted to feather it all the way back. We just teased and combed out our curls more than we do today. So I’m relying on a 25 year old technique here. After I finish the bottom, I do the top.

The InstaWave got nice and hot on the high setting, and while I didn’t have a thermometer on hand, it seemed as hot as my straightening iron that had a 450 degree setting. I imagine most people will do just fine with the low setting, though.

After I finished curling all the way around my head, I let the curls set until completely cool. If the curls seemed too tight afterwards, I just pulled gently on them to loosen it up. Then I ran my fingers through my whole head and sprayed a liberal amount of hairspray. I’m addicted to hairspray, so this step does not get skipped. In fact, if I’m using a styling tool that doesn’t get as hot as I like, I’ll spray each curl with hairspray while it’s still hot to try and get more life out of the curl before it completely falls.

Not only is it super easy to use, but the curls LAST. My regular curling iron, which heats up to 430 can hold a curl for about 24 hours. Maybe 36 on a good day. My InstaWave curls lasted for four days. FOUR DAYS. Dry shampoo only improved them. I didn’t do anything special at night, either. I didn’t even bother wrapping my hair or wearing a scarf, like I usually do, because I wanted to see how long I could get them to last. I finally had to give in to the shampoo after day four.

I’m really happy with the Kiss InstaWave, and consider it a bargain at about $50. That’s probably my cheapest hair styling tool, including blow dyers and curling irons. And I’m super picky about my heat tools. This would make a great gift for that hair-obsessed friend in your life.

Check it out at KISS InstaWave.

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