I don’t know about anyone else, but when I first roll out of bed on any given morning, I don’t look my best. I need a minute to have some coffee, then I try and spend about 15 minutes looking presentable.

On Christmas, all bets are off.

Although my kids aren’t little anymore, there is still that moment where they drag you out of bed and you’re still trying to open your bleary eyes while they unwrap everything in the course of 5 minutes, and you haven’t even made coffee yet.

I’ve gotten into the habit over the years of making sure my hair is presentable before going to bed and wearing a scarf so that all I have to do is pull it off first thing. I also lay out the night before a presentable outfit, because there are a MILLION photos. Then first thing in the morning a quick trip to the bathroom to brush my teeth, wash my face, and applying some sort of blurring lotion is all I need to do.

If I don’t do all this, the photos I share with family, friends, and the internet all make me look as if I’m completely disheveled (which I am, no matter how nice I look) and a complete mess. The five minutes to put something nice on (that I can wear for a while) is worth it.

So I’ve put together a few ideas for looking smart first thing in the morning. Good for you if you can wear any of these to bed, but I’m a soft t-shirt kind of girl, and I’m not a big fan of pants in bed. But I will get up and immediately throw them on if I know someone has a camera.

What to wear on Christmas morning when someone has a camera



  1. Silk Velvet Robe by Soft Surroundings: it’s silk. And velvet. And beautiful. You can glide around and look ethereal in this gorgeous robe.
  2. Oscar de la Renta Velvet Caftan: my memories of childhood include my very-glam mother who always came downstairs in some sort of velvet-y caftan in some deep jewel color that made her look exceptional. I don’t know why we don’t wear caftans more often, but we really should.
  3. Divine Terry Long Sleeve Flocked Print Tunic in a Fancy Scroll: I think I really liked this because of the color, but the baroque print on the front helps too. Inside is micro-looped material that feels amazingly soft. Add any black leggings with this, and you pretty much have an outfit for the day.
  4. Moma Cashmere & Cotton Pajama Set: there is nothing better than cashmere, especially if you love somewhere really cold. This drape-y, beautiful set is so luxurious, you’ll feel beautiful while everyone around you is a hot mess.
  5. PJ Couture Thermal Pajama Set in Brown: I adore thermals. Not only do they help keep you warm, they are super soft and comfy too. I always feel like I’m apres ski at a chalet somewhere and not on the floor picking up discarded wrapping paper.
  6. Slit Front Gown by Skin: 100% cotton jersey makes this gown SO soft. The side slit might be too much for people, but it’s simple, comfortable, and will go really well with the Silk Velvet Robe above.

What is your Christmas morning like? Is it calm and stylish or crazy and fun? Or both? Or neither?

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