‘Tis the season. I don’t mean for stampedes at your local Walmart or fighting for that last turkey at the grocery store, I mean for all of us to break out the glittery, shimmery things. All the glitter things! Including makeup!


But you know what? It gets a bit trickier to incorporate glitter into your look when you get older. I’ve found one of the best ways to get some glitter in your life is to be subtle about it, and go for the eyeliner.

The trick, really, is to focus on one thing and make it pop with some glitter. Eyeliner is the obvious choice because it’s such a small area that can really stand out – you can do a lot with eyeliner.

Suggestions for getting that pop of glitter:

  • do all of your other makeup first and save your glitter for the very last
  • apply a regular liner to your upper lash line, preferably a pencil or a hard, non-smudging type – make sure it’s dark and complementary to your eye shadow shades
  • use lots of mascara – preferably a volumizing formula, since attention is going to be drawn to your eyes
  • take your glitter eyeliner and swipe it along your upper lash line, using your already-applied liner as a guide
  • avoid the inner corner of your eye – glitter can get into your eye there, and it’s an awful feeling and makes your eyes all red and teary – not a good look
  • thicken your line accordingly, but keep it in line with your original liner

There are many different kinds of glitter liner, and I get asked which one I prefer. I don’t typically like pencils, because they can cause pulling and often seem to dry out faster. Gels are great, if you can find them. I haven’t had good luck, although I can find some gorgeous shimmers. Mostly I prefer liquid with a nice long brush that I can swipe on without much fuss.

PhotoReady Eye Art by Revlon in Topaz Twinkle and Cobalt Crystal

Here I’m using the new PhotoReady Eye Art by Revlon in Cobalt Crystal. It’s a cool little product that comes with a shimmer creme shadow on one end, and a glitter liner on the other. The liner brush is long and soft, and the glitter formula is solid – you get enough glitter with one application but not so much you look like a clown. Because that’s not acceptable. I also have this in Topaz Twinkle, which is a shimmery copper on one end and a gold-based glitter on the other.

Although I didn’t do it here, you can also use the liquid glitter side to spice up your lashes. After mascara, just brush on the glitter. Unfortunately, you need to do it to every single lash, but the end result is gorgeous.

How to wear glitter eyeliner without looking like a clown

I applied the cobalt shimmer shadow to the center of my lid, then used a highlighting shade and darker cobalt shade from my BA Star Midnight Smoky Palette. The eyeliner is Neutrogena’s Nourishing Eye Liner in Twilight Blue.

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