I don’t remember buying these. I mean, I do, vaguely, but not really. A couple of years ago, maybe two. It’s been awhile. Don’t you hate that? Buying something, putting it aside, and finding it a million years later? Story of my life.

Anyhoo, these are Fusion Decals. Not polish, not a Sally Hansen-esque polish strip. These take a smidgen – okay, maybe more than that – of practice. And patience. Lots and lots of patience. The process involved:

  1. applying white nail polish
  2. trimming the decals to fit your nails/cutting them out
  3. Wipe each nail with alcohol
  4. Soak each one in water for 15-30 seconds
  5. Take out and remove backing. Very carefully!
  6. Also very carefully place decal on your finger
  7. Then press on the finger, making sure to secure the sides
  8. file off any leftover decal on your tip ( I found that this worked best with an up and down motion of the nail file, rather than trying to attack it from the side)
  9. Apply two very heavy coats of top coat.

I had purchased candy corn decals, so clearly I ordered these with the holiday in mind, and they were really cute. But by the time I had the decals on my moderately-short nails, I really couldn’t even tell you what it is. But it’s orange and yellow, so you’re still festive.

Obviously, these are a huge time commitment. I got about two and a half days out of it before my tips began to chip, so the wear is exactly the same as polish, for a bigger time commitment. Your choice.

Pick these up at Inspired Nails, $10 for a full sheet, $5 for half. They do have some lovely designs, and the Alice in Wonderland might win me out over in the end

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