Living across the street from the beach has a few benefits. Besides the obvious walk to the beach thing, one benefit is the salty air, especially in the summer. It’s that salty air that Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe has managed to stick into a bottle. Sitting on the beach for a few hours is a super easy way to get beach waves, but if you don’t have a beach handy, there are a few other ways to get those beachy waves.

  • Method #1: After shampooing with NYM’s Beach Babe shampoo/conditioner, take damp hair and twist it into two buns on your head, Princess Leia style. Be sure to twist away from your face, and pin well. You can either sleep on it or you can hit it with a blow dryer. When dry, spray it liberally with NYM’s Beach Babe spray and scrunch well.
  • Method #2: After spraying NYM’s Beach Babe spray into your hair, take a 1 1/2 inch barrel curling iron and wrap hair around the barrel loosely, and don’t use the clamp. Work completely around the head, making sure to curl away from your face. Spray again and fluff waves out.
  • Method #3: Section hair into two sections on each side of the head. Section each section into two more sections. Twist the two sections together (moving away from the face) and tie off. Run a flat iron over each twist. The heat from the iron will lock in the waves. Take the twists out and spray with Beach Babe spray. Work through waves with fingers, and spray again.

The Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe line includes shampoo, conditioner, and texturizing spray all of which are extremely reasonably priced, at about $7 each. The shampoo and conditioner are essentially volumizing formulas, and work well on most hair types. And you can tell I do love the spray. It’s pretty fantastic.

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