Those of us with hooded eyes have a special frustration that those without hoods just can’t understand. Our crease is weird, you have to put your shadow in a totally different spot, and you’re constantly trying to figure out how to open up those eyes so they really stand out and pop.

If you have hooded eyes, don’t despair. Some of the most beautiful women in the world have hooded eyes, like Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez. So don’t fret! There are plenty of tips and techniques to help you accent and make the most of those gorgeous hooded eyes.

  • avoid using eye shadow over the entire lid so the eyes don’t look heavier
  • don’t highlight the brow bone overmuch or it will accentuate the hooded look – highlight just the outside corner of your brow, past your arch
  • to draw the focus upward, bring your crease color into and above the crease line
  • tightline your upper eyelid to enlarge eye shape
  • accentuate the brow line by filling in and avoiding over plucking to create space and definition between brows and eyes
  • emphasize your lashes with mascara, and consider falsies, especially the kind that include both long and short lashes and gravitate towards winged lashes to open up the eye
  • to create the illusion of a rounder eye, apply a dark shade to the outside corners of eyes, both above and below the natural crease
  • When doing a cat eye, instead of curving your “flick” upwards too much, make your line straight to avoid it being covered by the hood
Retrodiva's tips for working with hooded eyes

Try these tips when working on your hooded eyes

Any tips or tricks you’ve picked up along the way? Hooded girls unite!

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