Celebrity hairstylist Adrien Flammier, Senior Hair Stylist of Atelier Emmanuel in San Francisco styled hair for Luli Fama’s show for René Furterer at Mercedes Benz Miami Swim Week.

 “Luli wants a look that’s sophisticated with loose couture curls, but not too much so as to keep the hair natural,” said Adrien of the show’s hair. Luli added, “We wanted the look to be refined and sophisticated. Since the suits are so sexy we wanted to give the girls a more couture look.”

We have the steps to get this natural look, right from Adrien Flammier’s mouth!

René Furterer for Luiz Fama

  • Since most of the girls who arrived backstage came with limp hair—a result of the high humidity of Miami—I began by liberally spraying sections of hair with VOLUMEA volumizing conditioning spray – no rinse. Taking hair from underneath at the bottom layers and working my way to the crown, I saturated hair with product, then massaged it into hair with my hands prior to brushing it through.
  • I removed the nozzle from my blowdryer, before rough-drying hair, using my hands instead of a brush to keep the natural texture of the hair. For models with fragile, chemically-treated and frizzy hair, instead of VOLUMEA I used AFTER SUN LEAVE-IN MOISTURIZING SPRAY on hair to close the cuticle and hydrate hair. LISSEA thermal protecting smoothing spray was then sprayed to protect hair from heat damage from the next steps. LISSEA thermal protecting smoothing spray also helps to repel the effects of humidity.
  • After hair is rough-dried, I made a vertical part from the top of the ear to the crown to separate sides and front of hair from the back. Then I clipped hair in the back to the side to focus on styling hair on the sides.
  • Next, using either the tail of a rattail comb or my fingers, I made one-inch sections in diagonal lines and wrapped them around a medium-barrel curling iron, holding for just a few seconds before releasing the clamp toward the middle part I created. I then slipped the barrel out and let the curl drop. We don’t take sections that are too skinny as we want to create loose curls and we don’t want to make them too tight.
  • I worked my way to the crown on either side of part, and then applied the same method of curling for the hair in the back, wrapping the hair vertically around the curling iron in both directions so the resulting curls aren’t too uniform.
  • of like a snood. This is to keep the curls from drooping and falling out due to the humidity, while the models get their makeup done. At times, I would remove the net, to brush hair smooth at crown, directing it away from the face before wrapping hair in the net once more.
  • Once hair was removed from the net, a few models needed a little touching up with the curling iron to revive definition of curl and give it more support.
  • Last, I loosened up hair with a large paddle brush and my hands and gave hair a final misting of VEGETAL FINISHING SPRAY and GLOSSING SPRAY on each side of the middle part. While some models had island flower garland crowns, a fedora or floppy hats, all models walked the runway with glossy, gorgeous hair with loose, luxurious couture waves!

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