I am a bad beauty blogger. Well, we all knew that, right? But I realized the other day that I never have used any of my multiple flat irons to actually curl my hair. When I think about curls, I go for the hot rollers, or a curling iron, or even a wet set, because I am old-fashioned and completely out of the loop.

Actually, that’s not really true. When you have a bunch of hair appliances designed to curl hair, it’s ridiculous not to use them, but I’ve had several different questions lately about using a hair straightener to curl hair, and doesn’t that give the best beachy waves?

The short answer is maybe. I think the reason why straighteners work for beach waves is because the curl is much looser than it usually would be with a small curling iron or hot rollers. The downside is that your curl falls out fast, even faster if you are one of those people who can’t hold a curl in their hair. I’d recommend those folks get comfortable with a curling iron. But for a quick beach wave, a straightener seems to do the trick.

So why am I not doing my own tutorial, you ask? Because I’m not confident enough in my ability to teach the technique. If someone wanted to know how to use just about any other hair appliance, I’m your girl. But I’m still getting used to it, so I’m sharing three of the YouTube tutorials that I found most helpful, along with my comments on each.

  • For more curls, I usually make at least three sections: the underneath, the sides, and the top, from my temples to my crown.
  • I would also curl away from my face, instead of toward. Make sure hair is silky so that the iron doesn’t “stick.”
  • She only flips once, versus the previous video.
  • Her point about keeping the straightener firmly clamped can make all the difference.
  • Instead of using a rubber band like she does, consider using a clip of some sort for less breakage.
  • Her method of front sectioning is exactly like mine.
  • When she is spraying at the end, if she would tease her crown section she would keep that volume.
  • Her ombre is cute.
  • She’s helpful with the direction of the iron. It can get a little confusing.
  • Also important is how tight you want your curl to be. It’s essentially all in the twisting – the more you twist, the tighter your curl.

Now, I want to know, what are your tips? Do you have a technique that makes great curls or beach waves with a straightener? Share with me, please. I need to use my flat iron more.

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