Thanks to a very generous gift from Neutrogena, I was able to visit the Flowering Almond Spa here in Virginia Beach, located in the Founders Inn.

Walking in, there is a spacious  lounge with products and a modern bench. This was a good thing, as I had to wait some time for the receptionist to get me to the back. Apparently it was an important phone call.

In the locker room, you had your standard half size lockers, a robe, and those ugly plastic slide shoes (which are necessary, of course – you can’t be running  around with bare feet). It was nice and quiet, and after I was undressed and all locked up, I walked to the secondary waiting area where there were chairs, chaise lounges, and drinks, including spa water, coffee, and tea. I would learn later that the coffee and tea maker was broken, so you could have some spa water.

I was escorted into my room fairly quickly, and was able to choose which oils I wanted out of the three they offer for an aromatherapy massage. The massage itself was wonderful, but unfortunately my therapist wanted to talk when I wanted to completely zone out.

Afterwards, when I returned to the locker room, there were kids everywhere getting ready for what I assume was some pool time. So the pool is connected to the day spa. I quickly dressed and headed to the sink to wash up. There were little to no amenities in terms of personal care, which was kind of a bummer. But I smelled great and was completely moisturized up thanks to the massage oils.

Overall it wasn’t a bad experience, the facility was nice, the room wasn’t too small and everything was very clean.

80 minute aromatherapy massage was $120. Download the spa menu for more prices.

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