I was bummed out when Sephora discontinued their Sephora x OPI line. I thought their colors were super cute, and the collections always seemed to do well. I guess not well enough? At any rate, Sephora x OPI is still around, just in a gel nail incarnation, so if you’re looking for a gel nail system to use at home, I’m betting that one is worth a look-see, as my midwestern relatives would say. 

I’m wearing the Sephora x OPI shade in Meet For Drinks, and I’ve probably had it for at least three or four years. It’s a pretty dark wine color that always looks great in cooler weather, especially at night. Not that I let the lack of nighttime keep me from wearing this one. It’s a bit on trend, since we are still seeing a bit of oxblood around, but it has a touch more purple than you see in your typical oxblood.

The accent nail is just a rectangular glitter by Finger Paints. I wish I could tell you the shade, but the label is off the bottom, and it was most likely part of some limited edition holiday collection – that used to be the only time you could find good glitters!

What are you wearing this week? Show it off!

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