There has been some general rumbling around in the blogosphere about this new foundation. In fact, I’ve heard the terms “holy grail” and “absolutely amazing” being thrown about as if they were nothing, so I knew I’d better grab a bottle of this new magic potion and see if it’s everything that it’s made out to be. 

I would consider L’Oreal’s new Magic Nude Powder Liquid Powder Foundation a light-to-medium coverage foundation, and works best over some sort of primer. It’s easy to use a little too much, because you are convinced that it dries down into nothingness, and there isn’t anything left on your skin. But the truth of the matter is that it really does dry down to a powder finish, and while my kittens who need a full coverage foundation probably won’t like this one, everyone else will probably enjoy it. It’s keeping right in with the whole “nude” trend that is going on right now. Combined with a highlighter, this formula will make a great addition to your whole no-makeup look.

Don’t skip the concealer, though. The coverage isn’t good enough to help with major color correction, or better yet, use a color correcting primer or powder to set it. Maybe both, if you are me.

Feels fantastic on the skin – like you aren’t really wearing anything – and it blends really well just with fingers. Using a brush made it a bit streaky for me, but fingers and a beauty sponge worked out perfectly.

Give it a try, if no other reason than to discuss it with me. I think it’s a really interesting formula. Available just about anywhere, but I grabbed mine at Walgreens for $12.99.

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