Then I have found THE product for you.

Obviously, any time I see a product called “Vintage Glam,” you know I’m going to at LEAST check it out and see what is going on. I was breezing through Sally’s Beauty the other week trying to decide on my next hair color shade, and I came across a very, very small line of products called Vintage Glam. Blink, and you would have missed them. They were on the top shelf in the styling products section, and completely overshadowed by all the other options.

But not my eagle eye – a big can of Vintage Glam hairspray? This could turn out to be really wonderful or really disappointing, but I was going to try them out regardless. How could I pass it up?

Vintage Glam hairspray takes me right back to my 80s mall bangs. This is powerful hairspray, and should only be used if you don’t mind a bit of crunch and you need that business to stay right where it is. The current crop of hairsprays are pretty mild, if you grew up in the 80s – everything is “flexible” now, and easily brushed out. Old style hairsprays were essentially spray glue in a bottle, and I was happy to see it come back.

I use this to style updos and my backcombing at the crown of my head. I rarely need it to style bangs, since I’m growing mine out, but if you’re trying to train your bangs into Olivia Pope perfection, you might appreciate this spray. Worried that traditional hairspray might dull your hair? Because back in the 80s everything was matte, matte, matte. Not so much now, and Vintage Glam has obviously thought about that, because right next to the amazing hairspray was a can of Thermal Shine Spray, which adds a healthy shine to even the dullest hair (like mine).

The entire line includes the Thermal Freeze Spray (hairspray), Thermal Shine Spray, Texturizing Powder (dry shampoo), and Curling Iron Cream. They are available only at Sally’s, so hop on over there and check them out.

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