Everyone recovered from their big Black Friday shopping trips? Did you get anything amazing? I personally spent all day at home, because I look at Black Friday like I look at New Years Eve at the bars – perfect for amateurs. Any time that people get trampled and stomped on for cheap consumer goods is a time that I probably need to just chill at the crib. But I do love hearing the stories of my friends who brave the crowds. 

I’m still on my tone correction kick, so when I was browsing through Ulta, I picked up NYX’s Hi Definition Photo Concealer Wand in green to counteract my red spots. I don’t have large patches of red, but for some reason I can get a little reddish around my nose, and my regular concealer just wasn’t doing the trick.

This concealer is thorough – it’s a full coverage concealer, and when it comes to the green shade, you can use it sparingly and still get an amazing result. The good news is that it makes this already-economical product even MORE economical, since you literally need a tiny dab to get full coverage. In fact, I don’t have enough red spots to truly do this concealer justice, but I know where I’m going to get my next skin-toned concealer!

The wand is your typical doe foot sponge tip, and I actually just dab a bit of the concealer from the wand onto my finger, and then use a small congealer (paddle-style) brush to apply, then a makeup sponge to blend it out. It’s super creamy, but won’t break out oily or troubled skin, and you’ll need to work with it at first to get the hang of it, since most concealers aren’t as full coverage as this one. It blends like a dream, though, so it won’t take long to master. Honestly, I expect this level of coverage from a premium brand, so this cheap concealer was truly surprising. There are 11 shades in total, including yellow, lavender, and green for tone correction.

NYX Cosmetics have been available at Ulta for an age, and now can be purchased from Target and Nordstrom as well. Retail on this product is a whopping $4.99, but there was a buy one get one 1/2 off sale, so it was MORE than reasonable. If you haven’t explored NYX yet, you need to get on it.

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