Oh, summer. I love you so much, and yet, you don’t always present me with opportunities to wear my makeup. In fact, there was a time, not so long ago, that I thought if I was going to the beach, I might as well leave my makeup at home. These days, I’m so much wiser – I’ve developed an arsenal of things that will work no matter where I am, or what I’m doing. And you can find me in some strange places in the summer, for certain. 

makeup wars favorite waterproof productsHere are my must-haves for hitting the beach, or any other activity that might get me wet:

  1. Neutrogena Clear Face Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 55. I know, this isn’t makeup, but it’s just as important. It is for people with breakout prone skin, and it’s what I use as a base, because it’s a broad-spectrum sunscreen and it’s water-resistant.
  2. Cargo Melt-Proof Palette. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is around any more. But it looks as if Cargo has broken it up into two different products: their Water-Resistant Blush, and their Water-Resistant Bronzer. My little compact has a copper-ish shade too, but I don’t see that anywhere. These are a waterproof cream that you can use just about anywhere. I use the pink shade on top as a blush/lip color, the copper in the middle on my eyelids, and the darkest brown color as a bronze. Stays on For. Ever.cargo melt proof palette
  3. Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream Eye Shadow. This stuff is amazing. It will NOT budge, and the colors are glorious.

    make up for ever aqua cream

  4. Neutrogena Tinted Lip Balm. I think all lip balms are pretty much waterproof by their very nature. But I like this one because it’s got the SPF protection that I always neglect to put on my lips. It’s got a light wash of color with just a touch of shimmer. neutrogena tinted lip balm

  5. Lash Genius by Anastasia. I’ve talked about Lash Genius before, so I won’t repeat myself too much. This takes any mascara you have and makes it waterproof. Yes, it’s a waterproof top coat for your mascara. And it’s as amazing as it sounds.

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Take a look at what my fellow warriors are choosing for their favorites:

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