I love facial masks. I look at them as a mandatory relax period – slather it on your face and go lie down on your chaise lounge for at least 30 minutes. This combined with a good cup of tea at least once a week, and your skin will reap the benefits. And in this Makeup Wars challenge, we are talking about our favorites. 

I have so many favorites, I don’t know if I could just pick one, but the mask that I’ve been obsessing over lately is the Christine Valmy Silver Collagen Mask. I picked this one up at least year’s Makeup Show and only now used it. It’s a sheet type of mask, and it looks entertaining as all get out.

silver collagen mask by Christine Valmy


The silver in the mask actually leaves little sparkles everywhere, so that’s fun. And it feels AMAZING on your skin. It’s a combination of cooling gel with just a bit of a tingle, so it makes you feel as if there is SOMETHING going on.

silver collagen mask by Christine Valmy


The collagen gel mask is full of great ingredients such as gotu kola, bilberry, and echnacea as well as beneficial algae oligoelements. But mostly, it just feels darn good. And when you’re done, playing with it is just straight up fun.

silver collagen mask by Christine Valmy


Unfortunately, the Silver Collagen Mask doesn’t appear to be available for sale any longer through the Christine Valmy site. It looks like they have renamed it to the Algae Collagen Mask that is available only at the New York spa. However, the Gold Collagen Mask is available for sale, and that looks even cooler.

Have you tried any sheet masks? I’m absolutely loving them.

Let’s see what all the other ladies are loving, shall we?

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