Kittens, I had some fun this year, didn’t you? We’ve done all kinds of fun stuff, and there is only more and better things on the horizon. I’ll be traveling around our grand country a lot this year, bringing you the best of beauty from everywhere. New partnerships, new ideas, and new ways of doing things are all on this year’s menu. But since I’m always nostalgic for every year that passes, let’s take a look at our top five posts of 2012. 

Trendspotting: Blue Hair: This was by far my most popular post of 2012, with over 21k views! A roundup of my favorite Pinterest pins featuring blue hair, I was really feeling it. Unfortunately, I never took the big leap and took my black hair blue. I was terrified of the bleaching process I’d have to go through.

Oily Skinned girls, Neutrogena has a new product line just for you: it’s not often you can get excited about having mid-afternoon shine, but Neutrogena is finally giving us a break with their awesome new Shine Control line. I still use products from this line every day.

Can e.l.f.’s $2 nail polish be as good as a more expensive brand?: In the neverending battle of luxe vs. less, this post stood out, making me think we need more comparison posts like this, yes?

How to highlight your face using a luminizer or highlighter makeup: Using JLo as my model, I illustrated some easy ways to highlight the face you’ve got. More “how to” posts, got it!

swatchesSwatching Smolder-Eyes Palettes by Real Colors discovered at Sally Beauty: And a swatch post at number five, also not surprising. I know swatches are super popular, and I’ll try to do more of the ones that you don’t find everywhere else.

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