Give me gimmicky hair styling tools all day long. I don’t really care if they truly work, I’ll happily use them and ascribe benefits to my brushes that don’t have any basis in reality. However, my 10 year old daughter is a totally different story. She has long straight hair that she doesn’t enjoy brushing, so she pays attention to these marketing claims like you wouldn’t believe. And anything that is going to help her detangle and dry her hair after her nightly bath is going to get some extra close scrutiny from her. She found my Goody QuikStyle brush that Influenster sent me to play with, and immediately wanted to know if it “worked.” 

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Obviously, since it was still in the packaging, I had no idea if it worked or not, but I knew that we would be putting this bad boy to the test ASAP. With her hair wrapped in a towel, she brought me the brush (packaging and all) and announced that we needed to see what this was all about.

The brush is actually quite light – like it’s hollow on the inside, which makes it easy to use while blowdrying. It’s essentially a plastic brush with plastic bristles, and antibacterial microfiber “towels” interspersed between the bristles. The idea is that your hair will dry faster because these little towel-bristles will absorb some of the water from the hair, making styling go much faster.

We decided that it actually did a pretty good job, and that her hair dried faster than it normally does if we use this brush. So it gets big props from the girl who doesn’t like to mess with her hair, and she firmly (but gently) informed me that she would be keeping it with “her stuff.”

Goody Quik Style Brush, $11.99 at Walgreens, Target, and Ulta.

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