I know the holidays are supposed to be all full of cheer and good times, but honestly, when you’re trying to put on your very best June Cleaver-meets-Pinterest act, it can get a little exhausting. While I haven’t even put up my holiday decorations, I have managed to completely re-do my living room including paint, new furniture, and setting up a surround sound system and TiVO. Not for the faint of heart, my friends, especially with a holiday visit from family looming around the corner. So I’m sharing with you one of my little tricks – a duo eye gel/cream set called Eyliplex-2 by GoodSkin Labs for both morning and night, making it perfection for travel. 

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The green gel is for mornings, and goes on feeling nice and cool. Perfect for those of us who suffer from the dreaded “allergy eyes”. I use it all over my eye, from the underneath skin to the lid, all the way up to the browbone. The secret ingredient is called Suberlift®, and Goodskin Labs says that it “visibly lifts and tightens eye area skin”. I don’t know if it visibly lifts, but it feels really darn good, and it has antioxidants and minerals that are good for your skin.

The white cream is for nighttime use, and has Haloxyl PFE™, a “significant” dark circle reducer. I can attest that when I use this formula for an extended amount of time (at least a couple of weeks), I can definitely tell a difference with my dark circles (which I almost always have if not treated). It has a Mala-Plump™ proprietary ingredient which helps boost collagen.

Grab Eyliplex-2 by GoodSkin Labs at Kohls or at GoodSkinLabs.com for $44.50.

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