Continuing my obsession with bath and body products, I recently stumbled across Miss Body Butter, a Brooklyn-based company that specializes in body butters and body scrubs with intoxicating scents. 

Enchanted Love Potion by Miss Body Butter

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The Organic Body Butters are undoubtedly the prime focus. Hand blended upon order, these butters are perfect for everyone’s dry winter skin, but also pregnant women who are trying to avoid petrochemicals and phthalates in their skin care products. The scents are glorious as well – from the jasmine-scented Enchanted Love Potion butter to the vanilla-sandalwood-rose scent of My Lady’s Mischief, you’re sure to find one you love.

For those who are experts at exfoliating, or who only exfoliate on an occasional basis, the Organic Salt Scrubs are not to be missed. Each salt scrub is created with such ingredients as Hawaiian pink salt, Brazilian sea salt, and coconut shell powder for a deep cleanse, and extra virgin olive oil, castor oil, and wheat germ oil moisturize and soothe dry skin.

Those who exfoliate on the regular might be more interested in the Organic Sugar Scrubs. Aphrodite’s Embrace Sugar Scrub sounds absolutely delightful with natural brown sugar and coconut shell powder work to exfoliate, while the extra virgin olive oil, wheat germ oil, and castor oil moisturize deeply. Colloidal oatmeal powder helps calm irritated skin and reduce itching and discomfort related to dry skin.

And the best part, at least for me, is the brand’s commitment to empowering women in Ghana by purchasing their unrefined shea butter from a non-profit called Women in Progress, which works to offering sustainable livelihoods to African women and their families.

Visit to pick out the scrubs and body butter that work best for you.

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