If I had to define what the “Hollywood Mystique” look entails, I’d keep it incredibly simple. Take a neutral eye, add some dramatic black liner, inky thick lashes, and fire engine red lips. Despite what everyone thinks, this is a very easy look to pull off, and it doesn’t require any special makeup tricks, either. 

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Let’s start with the neutral eye. Don’t mistake a neutral eye for a plain eye, the difference is subtle but important. Start with matte shadows – avoid shimmer, as it just tends to throw the whole look off. I used a lavender, an almond brown, and a more sooty brown for definition. I used the almond shadow over the entire lid, up to the brow bone, and blended well. Next, for a bit of interest, I added the lavender just on the inner corners of the eye. Last, the sooty brown was used in the crease. I also added a small “v” to further define my eye shape. Then I blended all of this quite well, building the color as I needed it, but keeping the overall look minimal and very blended.

Next, take a soft black eyeliner and apply as close to the lashes as you possibly can. Smudge it slightly (but don’t over-do it, as we aren’t going for a smoky look), either with a smudge brush or my favorite tool: my pinky finger. Reapply if necessary, but keep the line thin and right up against the lashes. If you’re feeling daring, wing it out into a small cat eye, but keep that line neatly defined.

Next, we are going to build up those lashes. Start with one coat of primer, then add one coat of mascara. Let it dry, then comb or brush it out. This helps minimize clumping as you continue to build the mascara for a false lash look. Apply another coat, let it dry, and repeat the process one more time.

Use a rosy blush to lightly define the cheeks, but apply it lightly, layering it if you absolutely need to. Stick with neutrals for your skin tone to keep it in line with the overall look.

Last is the star of the show – red lips. My trick for keeping lipstick on is fairly simple: I start with a light coat of concealer (foundation works too), a light dusting of translucent powder, and then using a lip brush, outline the lip shape. Instead of using long strokes which always end up outside the line, use small, feathery strokes of the brush. Fill in the lips, then blot on tissue. Afterwards, grab your lip brush and fill the color in again. Blot once more, lightly. Fill in any spots that need attention. You can either call it good or add a matching gloss, but I tend to go with a more matte lip for this look.

Pin your hair up in your best victory rolls (they have been all over the runways the past two seasons), and a slinky gown. Or not, your call. At least you can look the part of Hollywood starlet.


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