nunaat ultra keratin touchI think it’s pretty well established that I’m completely obsessed with my hair. Blame my strong Leo presence in my astrological chart, or blame my mom who always had great hair, whatever. The fact remains that I am constantly looking for ways to get it to do exactly what I want it to do, and I’m willing to try just about anything on it. Enter the NuNaat Ultra Keratin Touch, my first experience with any sort of keratin treatment. 

The procedure itself is rather time consuming. To begin, you wash your hair with the included shampoo. Then you take the keratin solution and apply it to sectioned hair, keeping about a half inch from the scalp. This is a messy, drippy, smelly process, and the solution sits for 30 minutes, during which you comb the hair methodically every five minutes. Leaving the solution in the hair, blow hair out with a flat or round brush, then flat iron every single bit of hair on your head. You’ll need a flat iron that heats up to at least 400 degrees. I made several passes over each section of hair for good measure. After you have finished methodically blow drying and flat ironing, go wash your hair with the included shampoo. This was the hardest part for me – not because it was labor intensive, but because it went against everything I’ve ever known to blow my hair out, flat iron it, then go get it wet. But, in the interest of bringing you, my sweet kittens, a true review, I dried my tears and proceeded to wash away an hour of work. Apply the included conditioner, and you’re done. At this point, you can once again blow out/flat iron, or you can do what I did, and let it dry naturally so that you can see the difference. It’s important to note that at this point, you need to stay away from shampooing for at least 48 hours (you should be doing that anyway), and not use barrettes, elastics, headbands or any type of hair accessory in your hair. This was the second hardest part for me, as I like to put my hair up when I’m working, or when it’s hot and I don’t want to deal with it (which is all the time).

So, the results? Absolutely amazing. My hair went from thick, coarse and frizzy to soft, frizz-free, and practically wash and wear, which has never happened in my entire life. I don’t even have to use frizz control products any more – and the most styling I have to do is a quick flat iron to my bangs to deal with the cowlicks.

Now, there is a downside, if you could call it that. Because my hair had a completely different texture than I have ever dealt with before, it threw me for a loop. I didn’t quite know how to deal with it. It doesn’t hold a curl as easily as my coarse hair, and volume doesn’t come as easily. Overall, though, these are problems that are quickly remedied, and hardly worth noting, but I’m going for full disclosure.

So, how much does this little miracle cost? After all, you can go to a salon and expect to pay upwards of $300 for the same type of treatment (theirs may last longer, but you can stretch your Ultra Keratin Touch out much longer than the stated 30 days – I used mine over six weeks ago, and I don’t see any signs of my hair reverting to it’s “normal” state). Will you believe that I found it online at Amazon for about $25?

Find out everything you need to know at, and let me know if you try it, and how the results were for you. Were they as lifechanging as mine?


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