Q-tips Precision TipsThere are some beauty tools that I simply take for granted, and Q-Tips are one of those things.   They are so important to my beauty routine, yet I never talk about it. So here are my top uses for Q-Tips, and the new Precision Tip makes all of these tasks even easier. 

  • Apply blemish medication like my beloved Mario Badescu Drying Lotion or Votre Vu’s Au Revoir. Dip the Q-Tip into the unshaken lotion bottle and apply to blemish.
  • Clean up that angled eyeliner. Still trying to get the hang of the cat eye with liquid liner? These precision tips help you smooth out any errors when you dip it into liquid eye makeup remover and use it as an eraser on your liquid line.
  • Also good for cleaning up a manicure – dip into fingernail polish and clean up any spots that got outside the lines, so to speak.
  • Use the Precision Tip Q-Tips to apply luminizer or highlighter to the upper cheekbones and the cupid’s bow on your lips. Works like a charm.
  • Useful for false lashes: apply adhesive to the tip, and lightly brush onto lash. Helps you conserve adhesive as well as keeping the goopiness to a minimum.
  • Works as a polish tool, too. Paint fingernails one color, then use the precision point to dot on a different color polish for contrast.
  • Love the small sponge applicator for eyeshadow but can’t find the one that came with your palette? Try a Q-Tip instead.
  • Use to apply loose powder or pigment as an eyeliner. Because the Precision Tips are so small, you can get a fine smooth line with pigment right on the lash line.

Do you have any good uses for our good old fashioned stand-by, the Q-Tip? Leave them in the comments!

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