NUIT ETOILEE-WOMENSI’ve been on a summer fragrance kick lately, but a few sniffs of Annick Goutal’s new scent Nuit Etoilee reminds me that perhaps I shouldn’t move into warm weather so quickly.

When I smell this fragrance, for some reason I think of some sort of Scandinavian night, where the stars are bright and visible, and the air is brisk but not freezing. I’m not sure if that’s what Annick Goutal had in mind when they created this scent, but that’s where it takes me. 

Try as I might, I cannot possibly describe the notes in this fragrance as well as they can, so I’m going to quote the press release:

Between the cool of the starry night and the reassuring warmth of wood, this fresh, spicy, and woody aromatic fragrance evokes a spontaneous energy, a call to explore the great outdoors. Nuit Etoilée’s sparkling notes of Citrus fuse at the surface of the skin, followed by an invigorating note of Citron that mellows on contact with a touch of Sweet Orange. A chilled effect is intensified by Peppermint Oil, evoking the inevitable cool of nightfall. Even later, Wild Siberian Pine Needles and Balsam Fir transform into a comforting balm as the hours melt away. Finally, in the dead of night, the light of the stars brings a warm glow as the fragrance takes on a spicy hint of Angelica Seeds while everlasting flowers prolong the sensation of delicious warmth.

It’s really quite lovely. It makes me want to lounge around a ski lodge and listen to this song:

I think all Beatles songs should be redone in the Ambient style.

You will be able to find Nuit Etoilee exclusively in Saks Fifth Avenue. And because this is a unisex fragrance, there are two different bottles, the feminine version being the blue one you see above, and a masculine version seen here:


The choices include a 1.7 oz. Eau de Toilette spray ($51) and a 3.4 oz. Eau de Toilette ($72) in either bottle.