Hana Air Blow Dryer at Misikko.comAm I the only one who has a very special relationship with their heat tools? It’s a love-hate relationship, actually because I love the results I get from a great hot tool, but hate the damage it can cause. I try and limit my use of heat appliances as much as I can, but I have found that having a good hair care routine along with quality tools goes a long way towards healthy hair. These are the heat tools that I simply cannot live without. 

My Hana Air Professional Hair Dryer creates the basis for all my other tools. This hair dryer is nothing short of amazing – dries hair super quickly and has all the latest technology in heat tools including ion, tourmaline, and titanium oxide technologies. It has a sleek Italian design, and three heat settings, two fan speeds, and a cold shot for those of you who like that sort of thing. It honestly makes drying my thick and frizzy hair less tedious, and I can get through an entire blowout in less than 10 minutes, which might be some kind of record. It is honestly one of the best blow dryers I have ever used. On sale right now at Misikko.com for $194.99.

I only recently rediscovered my Caruso Molecular Hairsetter after having a nostalgic conversation with a friend reminiscing on how we used to do our hair in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. After comparing notes on how awesome the Caruso was, I did a quick search to see if I could locate one. Imagine how surprised I was to find this made-for-tv blockbuster being sold every day at Sally’s Beauty Supply!

Yes, it really was that fabulous. And you know what? It’s still fabulous and not nearly as expensive. The steam gives you soft curls that hold all day long. Perfect for hair that doesn’t hold curls well or straight hair. My hair doesn’t have a problem holding curl for about two hours, then things get droopy pretty quick. With these curls, they will hold all day, regardless of hair spray usage. $42.99 at Sally Beauty, and you can get it even cheaper with the Sally’s Club Card and their coupons.

Speaking of Sally’s, my next two picks come from there also, purchased on an amazing buy one get one free deal. If you are wanting modern waves, then you need a Hot Shot Tools Tapered Nano Ceramic Taper Iron. You simply wind hair around the barrel, with the smaller end of the iron pointed upwards. Don’t worry about the ends – you want those to stay natural anyway, and damage free. Also, make sure to use the included heat mitt until you get used to it at least, as I managed to give myself a pretty nasty burn the first time I tried this. $44.99 at Sally’s Beauty.

And to create really large, gorgeous curls, you need the Hot Shot Tools 1 1/2 inch Ceramic Tourmaline Curling Iron. This iron gets super hot – up to 450 degrees – which is perfect for thick, coarse hair like mine. Also amazing is how quickly it heats up. I remember having to wait for forever for my tools to heat up, but these days, you only have to wait a minute or so. It’s really nice, since I was never good at remembering to plug in my iron before I needed it. The extra large barrel gives loose, big curls and the tormaline helps keep the frizz to an absolute minimum. $37.99 at Sally’s Beauty.

What heat tools can you not live without?