carol alt raw essentialsSupermodel and actress Carol Alt will be making a personal appearance at two Duane Reade locations in NYC this week to promote her new skincare line, Raw Essentials.

She will be making appearances at the following locations:

  • 11/17/10 Noon at Duane Reade – 3rd Avenue at 58th. NY, NY.
  • 11/18/10 Noon at Duane Reade – 8th Avenue at 42nd. NY, NY.

The line, Raw Essentials was inspired by Carol Alt’s raw food diet. After realizing that many of her beauty products that were labeled “green” or “organic” weren’t actually raw. Using “alive” ingredients insures that the antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids, and minerals actually make it to your skin.

If you make it out to the event, make sure to drop a line and let us know how you like the line! It’s very intriguing.