Retrodiva's Beauty 7 Seven Days of Lips I generally don’t splurge on lip products. It’s not that I don’t love them, it’s more that I generally forget to use them on a regular basis. Lip balms are a necessity, and sit right on my nightstand, but lipsticks just don’t get used very often. And I’m not a huge fan of lip glosses, as they rarely show up on my lips, and I could just use Vaseline and get the same result.

But I’m making an effort to pull out my lip products and really give them a go. Maybe I can create a new habit. And so the Seven Fabulous Days of Lips was born.

Today I’m sharing a recent splurge: Chanel’s Rouge Coco in Paris and a Glossimer in Red Shine. Here is Paris on it’s own:

Chanel Rouge Coco in Paris

Here is the Red Shine Glossimer on it’s own:

Chanel Glossimer in Red ShineAnd here are both of them together:

chanel rouge coco in paris with red shine glossimer overlayYou can find both of these products at Chanel counters nationwide, as well as Chanel online.

Edited for a really ridiculous grammatical error that was completely embarrassing.