It seems as if I’m always fighting a battle against the occasional blemish. Honestly, at this age, I shouldn’t have to even think about blemishes, but apparently that is the trade off for not having much in the way of wrinkles, if the older generation in my family is any indication. So while I don’t have to be aggressive with the anti-aging, I am diligent in the ways of battling blemishes. My kung fu is indeed strong. So, here are my two latest weapons in the epic battle.

zeno hot spot and mario badescu drying cream

When I feel a blemish brewing , instead of rushing to futz with it, I now have this amazing tool that satisfies my need to do-something-about-it-right-then-before-it-gets-worse.

The Zeno Hot Spot Blemish Clearing Device is a really fabulous little tool that zaps just the right amount of heat on your blemish to kill the offending bacteria that is brewing inside. It doesn’t hurt, and there is a zero chance of scarring (unlike lancing or picking).

Using it is very simple: Take the top off, and push the power button. You will hear a power-up beep, and then a short series of beeps as it charges itself up. Place the metal tip against your blemish, but there is no need for excessive pressure. Just touch it to the offender and hold there. The total treatment cycle lasts 2 and 1/2 minutes, and you will hear a reassuring beep every thirty seconds to let you know it’s working.

Apparently this little gizmo is smart: the company says there is a small computer inside that controls the heat on the treatment tip. It adjusts itself automatically to deliver just the right amount of heat to kill the bacteria. It’s not hot, although you will feel it. Most blemishes need more than one treatment to completely disappear, but I personally have never had to treat a blemish more than twice. Once in the morning, and once again at night.

After I hit it with my Zeno Hot Spot, it’s time to medicate. And while I have much love for Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, it’s not something that I can sport during the day. For daytime use (and some night time use as well), I have found that Mario Badescu’s Drying Cream does just as good of a job on my pesky spots as my long-standing favorite. The Drying Cream is invisible and quickly dries up the problem without leaving a mess of dry patchy skin behind.

I’ve always had good luck with my Mario Badescu, and this product is no exception. It has turned into quite the staple in my cosmetics closet, along with the rest of the regimen.

I’m interested in what you use for your epic battles with blemishes. Tell me, is your kung fu strong too? Share!