I cannot tell a lie – I’m a huge believer in astrology. I can’t help it, but I have found it to be so accurate that it’s just fascinating. So I’m beginning to explore the astrology-beauty connection. Obviously any chart that features Venus in a prominent position is going to see a great deal of beauty-related things in their life. But it’s interesting to see how the other signs interpret beauty as well.

For instance, Mystic Medusa, one of my favorite online astrologists, has an article discussing the Aries woman’s eyebrows. She shows us how Aries people have interesting and oftentimes noticeable eyebrows such as Joan Crawford (who could forget those?) and Yasmeen Ghauri (below).

So I’m dying to know, Aries women: are your eyebrows dramatic? Do they represent the glyph of the Aries sign?